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  1. Especially pretty after that new paint job; kudos to Great Adventure for realizing it needed it because it looks so much better when you walk into the park.
  2. For those curious, Great Adventure is now (almost) fully solar powered! They opened/started/turned on their solar panels yesterday. GAH has a nice report about it. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/GATrips_Summer_2019_06_12.htm
  3. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, my friends aren't as willing to splurge as I am and won't go for the Fast Lane Plus. Good to know that Steel Vengeance doesn't open until later on, though. Would have sucked going there first only to wait hours.
  4. Hey guys, I've been a long (more like looooooooooong) time reader, but just recently made an account and have never posted until now. My friends and I are visiting Cedar Point for the first time on Friday, we plan to be at the park from 10AM to 10PM (no early-entry for us since we are using Air-BNB), and we plan to get the basic Fast Lane. I know you guys get these questions all the time, but what would be the best course of action for the day? I feel like we would be better with waiting to ride Steel Vengeance and Maverick towards park closing, but unsure.. Thanks!
  5. So I was going to wait for my first post to be a Trip Report as I am currently at Six Flags New England for three days with my family, but I figured I would give an update on some of the rides in the park. Yesterday, Goliath (shocker), Harley Quinn, and Crime Wave were all down. Not sure if Crime Wave was down all day, but was a bummer to see Harley Quinn sitting there without anyone attempting to get it running. Any idea what is up with it? Oh, and here is me super excited getting to the park early only to find out Wicked Cyclone didn’t open for another hour after opening!
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