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  1. I think it was confirmed earlier this year that they were going to do a complete retracking of gasm over a couple years. I was told by Gene in marketing that it's a 5 year re-tracking plan that started this past year. That would make the 5th year 2023 for the 50th anniversary.
  2. The time change for the front of the park must have happened in the last few weeks. It seems to me the early entry would allow people to start spending their money sooner but the park must have other ideas.
  3. I Just want to add to the GASM discussion after a conversation I had this past Friday. I was told the re-tracking is a 5 year plan and they will replace all of the track before it's over. This came from a very reliable source, we'll see what happens....
  4. Then it must also be stunning that I live 20 minutes from the park. I don't expect miracles but I do expect the most popular rides to run more than I car. There shouldn't be an hour wait before noon on Goliath or TC ever in my opinion. GASM and Bluehawk were not running at all pre lunch time....
  5. I have to call out SFOG yesterday on a few levels. I'll preface this by saying i've been coming to this park for over 40 years. First, it seems all of the permanent pass/ticket machines were broken. They had to use portable ones which made the line to get in ridiculous. Second, it seems the red train is broken on TS. It didn't work last week at all and again this week the same issue. They had all week to work on it and it was still down. 3rd, why would you only be running 1 train on Goliath? This make no sense at all. Finally, as we walked through the park at least half th
  6. I also had a chance to get to the park late Sunday night for a couple of rides on TC. I've ridden it over 40x now and I have to say it was running faster than ever before. I was out of my seat during the entire wave turn and the hill before and after the turn around were especially intense. I'm curious if anyone else has had the same experience recently? Thanks
  7. I don't usually ride the train but if I remember correctly it had at least 4 or 5 cars the last time I saw it running.
  8. I agree I would ride Twisted Cyclone and DDD first. Yes, the train has reopened. I would just buy a whole new pass at SFOG as they don't automatically renew. You're probably too late in the year for Passholder perks, but it's possible they could add something that hasn't been posted yet. I can't help you with Lake Winnie, sorry.
  9. For all of those curious the park just posted the link. The preview for members and pass holders will be all day Friday 10:30am-8:00pm. It will not be open to the general public until Saturday. https://www.sixflags.com/overgeorgia/special-events/celebration/gold%C2%A0and-platinum-member-preview-day-twisted-cyclone
  10. Interesting! I know Media Day is the 23rd so maybe they will formally announce it that day!! If it is Friday, I will miss it due to a graduation I guess the wildcard would be Thursday. If the media day goes well on Wednesday there's no reason they can't have a soft opening/Passholders preview on Thursday. I think they would rather open it on Friday to less crowds then to try for Saturday of Memorial day weekend.
  11. I'd like to know this too. One of the main reasons I decided to pull the trigger on a membership this year was because they advertised this as a perk. If they aren't going to do a soft opening for members, they really need to plan some other sort of event to make up for it. (Not just passholder previews for Fright Nights) Also, War Eagle. I called the park today to specifically ask about this and was told there WILL be a preview at the end of the week. She said watch the SFOG website for more details. I get the feeling the preview will have to be sometime on Friday since I think
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