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  1. oooh! Didn't know about the olde heritage thing haha, that's pretty cool!


    Guardian was open, was in line, then a bag got stuck on the ride and they had to dismantle a car, closed for majority of the day, opened up BUT couldn't bring bags w/ you, went to get a locker, uh oh, THEY'RE SOLD OUT. Saw the short line and you could bring bags on at night but OH WAIT we're closing off the line early. It was stupid and I was annoyed, almost missed my 100th credit on my coaster road trip.


    Time Warp was a 2 out of 10, I rode Screamin' Eagle a while ago and it was enjoyable, so expectations were reasonable, but god it was awful. I felt like I was holding on for dear life and if I didn't I was gonna fall out.

  2. I visited Canada's Wonderland last Monday and I gotta say, it's an awesome park! Even though it took me almost an hour to find a stand that had the refillable bottle I already bought online (because they were all out everywhere), and the food service wasn't the quickest, I thoroughly enjoyed the rides (well except for those two in the corner I just needed for credits ), and Yukon Striker was amazing! I had FL+ and got onto Yukon Striker within 5-10 minutes! Everything else was a walk on essentially. The only meal I had was at Pizza Pizza, which was pretty good for theme park quality food. Some of the drink stands (excluding the freestyle machines, you can never go wrong with those) tasted like the pop was flat, very odd. The flats are AMAZING. I sadly missed Sledgehammer, but Psyclone was fun, I loved Lumberjack, Soaring Timbers was a fun experience, Skyhawk (EVEN THOUGH I CANNOT GET A SINGLE FLIP, PLEASE TELL ME HOW) was unique and enjoyable, and you can never go wrong with a Windseeker. I missed 4 credits (of course the kids coaster, Silver Streak, Bat and the maintenance nightmare Guardian). Overall, I'd come back sometime, as it's relatively in my area and not a far drive! (:


    Yukon Striker: Like I said, AMAZING. The dive into the tunnel is amazing and it's so cool how that interacts with Vortex, the inversions gave some floater, and I thought the 2nd drop was fun, but of course it wasn't as good as the 1st half of the ride. Still not a fan of vest restraints though, they dig into my hips (I'm skinny lol).


    Leviathan: All I have to say is: BACK ROW. Outstanding giga, and it's often in the shadow of Fury and I305, but it still packs a punch. Night rides on this baby are so fun.


    Behemoth: Opposite of Leviathan: NO BACK ROW. It was amazing in the front, got air on every hill, but in the back you get that iconic B&M rattle that gives me a headache on the bottom of every drop.


    Minebuster: An okay woodie! I thought it was enjoyable till the drops on the way back from the turnaround, but I'd come back to ride it the next time I go, it wasn't terrible.


    Wild Beast: It's below MCB in my books, wasn't as enjoyable. I'd probably skip this woodie on my next visit.


    Time Warp: ...MY HIPS.


    Flight Deck: ...MY EVERYTHING.


    Ghoster Coaster: These woodies are pretty fun at Cedar Fair parks, and I got a little airtime in the back row!


    Dragon Fyre/Fire(?): Literally the park is so confused with it's name, the app will say one spelling of Fire/Fyre, then the sign says the other, then rcdb says the first one lol. It's not that enjoyable of a ride, I'd skip it next time.


    Backlot: Unexpected launch! The ride ops say nothing when the ride is beginning, at least on this for me, and the launch was pretty good! Overall, I liked this coaster, although I wish it had the effects like the others do.


    Vortex: Such an amazing suspended coaster! It's a very scenic ride and like I said, really cool how it now interacts with Yukon.


    Fly: It's a wild mouse coaster lol.


    Thunder Run: A pretty cool family coaster! The effects in the mountain were a nice touch.

  3. I'd like La Ronde to have DC theming. Vampire could be rethemed to Batman, there'd be a Grid ride, a Wonder Woman ride, a Superman ride, a Cyborg ride, a The Joker ride, a Harley Quinn ride...



    I think Vampire was planned to be Batman: The Ride, but due to licensing issues it didn't work out.


    Does anyone know if this park got free wifi like other Six Flags parks this year? I might need it as my phone plan doesn't have out of the country service.

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