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  1. So they use their rapids ride's queue as a maze?


    Just thinking that if they were to do that, that's in a children's area, don't think that would be a good idea..


    No, CP uses their version of Grizzly Run as a corn maze. The trough where the rafts and water usually are is drained and lined with corn stalks. Fright Fest isnt a kids oriented event anyways so who cares if its normally a family area.

    Grizz is in that section that as fully blocked off last year during Fright Fest. Rowdy’s ridge and Mind Eraser were all closed, so unless they were to find a way of having enough workers to keep that area open, not sure if they’d want to do that.


    They could just open that area up for the haunt, and have the rides closed... have scare actors walking around the area leading up to the haunt.

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