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  1. Maybe Darien Lake is planning on building a second water park that is will be closer to the hotel and campgrounds.

    Sorry, what?


    Also, it would cost less to not build it over the bridge, along with the slide, they'd have to level the hill, probably repave the path down there, spruce up the lockers in front of the hill, etc. It would just be easier to build it near Kahuna/wave pool/etc.

  2. Is it just me or does it seem that they upgraded the lights on ROS and Predator? Both seemed much brighter when I was there last week.


    As for ME, there was a supervisor of some form checking restraints last week, I asked him if theyre going to finishbpainting it next year and he said "we hope so". Wouldnt hold your breath.


    Every light on Haymaker is working, and they're VERY bright. It looks like they're redoing lighting packages ride by ride.

  3. Fright Fest is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!


    It it such a step up from last year's, sure it was a little understaffed, but most Halloween events are understaffed the first week. The new haunt, Corridors of Chaos, is so amazing! You get in an elevator and it sort of simulates you going down into the warehouse, and it's so detailed and intricate! Jungle Apocalypse was re-routed (at-least the queue from what I remembered) in order to fit Corridors in it, which was a brand new walk-way on the left side of the bleachers in the theatre. Camp Scumshine was updated, and is now longer, with a new pathway, and LOTS more fog for some good jumpscare opportunities which got me indeed. Hotel Terror didn't have much updating, but it was still pretty good! The scare zones seemed a little empty, but as I said, it was understaffed, so they'll probably be better as it goes on. Along with the carousel, SKYSCREAMER WAS RUNNING BACKWARDS! It was so cool! Overall, Fright Fest was absolutely amazing and I'm glad I got the all season maze pass, as I will without a doubt be doing them again!


    P.S - If it's raining, RIDE PREDATOR. It absolutely hauls in the rain, and since it's Fright Fest, you don't even know where you're going, it's pitch black. That last turn around, the one that was re-tracked, makes it feel like you're going 10 mph faster than the top speed almost, it's so amazing, and the ejector is there!

  4. It has been awhile since I have commented on things that should be easy to fix. I am not complaining, just commenting.

    The Chicken Shack food stand did not have any Coke syrup only plain water came out of the dispenser. I was told to walk over to the Coke booth by the arcade. I shouldn't have to walk around looking for some Coke.


    I walked 30-45 minutes around the park to find the green 2019 cup I bought online already to save money, when none of the restaurants/stands had them. :/ Finally found them at Pizza Pizza bringing boxes upon boxes of them out near the register.


    Either way, if you don't drink from the freestyle machines, the pop tastes flat.

  5. ^ Well when I was at HH at The Great Escape, it looked like some of it was updated aside from the expansion with Bucket/Shipwreck. The wave pool looked nice and sported the HH logo, as well as a new "entrance" to the water park. I'd say almost everything looked like it had a fresh coat of paint on it.


    In the member email, it DID say something about tropical fresh coat of paint, we can only hope lol.

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