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  1. Am the only one who thinks La Ronde gets dumped on a little too much? It has basically become a park meme with Six Flags America, but all three of my visits have been fine. It is relatively pretty and relatively well kept physically. The layout is weird, but whatever I think complaining about walking is a little weirder and I have a bad foot. I really, really love Goliath and think it is maybe the most underrated coaster I have been on and their Batman clone absolutely flies through the track noticeably faster than any other of the clones I have experienced. Monstre is so bizarrely paced that I found it charming too and well the rest isn't great, but I don't think it is all that worse than a bunch of other parks I have been to.


    Of course, and I am very sorry to whoever I am about to offend, but you do have to deal with the... locals... But I will just leave that as alone as I can other than acknowledging it. I will say it is downright funny to watch youtubers try to address the subject as they review the park, so there is that at least.

    I absolutely loved La Ronde, on my trip in 2019 where this park was grouped with Great Escape and Canada's Wonderland, I surprisingly had the best day at La Ronde. The park was not busy whatsoever, Monstre was open, there were fireworks, and the operations were not bad! I love their collection of coasters and flats, I LOVE Titan and Vertigo, and Goliath and Super Manege (rip ) were awesome coasters. I'm really bummed they didn't put Vipere ANYWHERE else in the park because there were other options on where to put it (i.e Cobra's old plot, empty show building next to Cobra's plot, old sky ride[?] station), but I'm sure Vipere will be a way to get more guests in.

  2. I don't get how malls are open: which I doubt they disinfect tables with piles of clothes people have touched after every person has even put a finger on it. Along with this, you don't get a temperature check when you enter a mall. It's so obnoxious that an OUTDOOR theme park, that has shown that they can be open with precautions and still be fun, can't be open, but a closed, confined mall can be.

  3. My biggest concern about the Reservation system, is how they'll handle groups of people who don't all have the same pass level. My kids and I all have Memberships, but my kids are a tier below me. If I get priority, and they don't, and can't come, obviously I'm not going to come either. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, that's for sure...


    I would think that as long as YOU make the main reservation, they simply get added to yours, and your whole party is together.


    the F.A.Q. does say you can add anyone to your reservation, you just have to input their membership/pass number.


    so I expect this will not be an issue.


    eagerly awaiting the announcement of how they are going to handle queuing inside the park, and when I'll be able to visit SFFT again!

    Do we know how bring a friend tickets would work? They're loaded on your pass/membership so...

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