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  1. They lost Pirates, most of the Dutch area buildings, the whole of the Scandinavian street, Fjord Rafting theming, maintenace areas for the Monorail and Panoramabahn, an IT/date centre, lots of tech/AV equipment and all of their tens of thousands of stored costumes and uniforms.
  2. With the MCBR activated, is it running one or two trains?
  3. So wait, with that logic you mean to tell me that almost every single park IN THE WORLD has been able to figure out how to make a fast pass system work in their park, but Europa Park, which IMO is one of the most intelligent well run operations isn't smart enough to figure that out? Yeah, sorry, none of what you just said makes any sense. I just assume that eventually you will see such a system in place and it will probably be one of the best "skip the line" systems of any park out there, because that's how Europa does things. But Europa-Park is not like almost every other theme pa
  4. Out of interest, why would you hope for this? It goes completely against the philosophy of the park and the Mack family, and operations are some of the best in the world so the queues are never slow moving anyway. Paid fastrack would have an impact on the main queue lines, this is not something the park want. Also on busy days they need as many people in queue lines as possible as the park would not be able to cope with more people on the narrow pathways and in the restaurants/shops.
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