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  1. I came across a pov of Hangtime and figured a few of you might be interested... I also got to ride it twice yesterday. It ranks 3rd in the park for me behind Ghostrider and Xcelerator. MOD EDIT: Link deleted. Please review our Terms of Service, especially item 14, before posting again. Thank you.
  2. Last time I went on a Wednesday I got 8 back row rides on Ghost Rider in like 2 hours. Usually Wednesdays are pretty dead. Have fun.
  3. Yeah, I am going to be there on either the 24th or 25th of June and seriously hope it will be open by then...
  4. I talked to a few people who rode Hangtime. One guy I talked to said some spots have a bit of a rattle. He thought the drop and cobra roll were both really good. His favorite seats were the 2 back row outside seats. He ranks it 4th in the park behind Ghost Xcel and Silver. I'll be there the morning of opening day, hope to see some of you guys there.
  5. I kinda think that Kanonen might go to WoF rather than Dorney. Worlds of Fun needs a launch coaster more than anything. Dorney already has a launched coaster. I personally would rather see something like a launched B&M Wing but I think there is a serious chance of WoF getting Kanonen. Also 2019 will be 10 years since they have gotten a new coaster.
  6. Yeah, I'll be sure to hide in the Log Ride. Maybe I can even pretend I am one of the animitronics. But why stop there, maybe I should bring a bag of marbles to drop behind me so everyone trying to get to the ride slips... I really think you are on to something here. Please lets proceed with the genius brainstorming.
  7. I am going to try to be the first ever public rider on Hangtime. Or maybe just on the first ever train. I am wondering if anyone can answer the follow questions for me. What is the process for being the first public rider on a new roller coaster. Do people start lining up the night before? Is it a free for all as soon as the gates open for whoever can sprint to the coaster the fastest? Are the first people in line escorted to the coaster so the line order stays the same? Any tips, or personal experiences would be appreciated. Thanks -Chance
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