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  1. In May, I did 12 times in a row using the single rider line but it took about 2.5 hours
  2. I'm really surprised they never themed the tunnel and just left it as bare concrete. They went the extra mile for the mine-shaft area after the vertical loo.
  3. Happy to hear they are reverting back to original names. I hope they do the same with Spinovator (Quixote’s Kettles)
  4. Not everyone with season passes lives really close to the park to want to come back the next day, even if they were available to.
  5. PATTYCAKES - Do you have any relatives in Northern California by chance?
  6. re: the food Since you have in/out access all day, I usually leave the park and grab food from across the street. Pita Land and Little Caesars are among my favourite. You can also grab a couple of tall boys from the beer store and have a little picnic on the grassy hills that border the parking lot and give you a great view of Leviathan doing it's thing. If you want to save even more money - I've never been ticketed/towed for parking at this strip plaza either and I've done it at least 10 times.
  7. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. A slice of their sicilian pizza and I'm a happy camper.
  8. Pizza Pizza - Ontario's #1 most over rated Pizza I'd love to see Pizzaoilo absord all their locations.
  9. Oh, I'd LOVE for Wonderland to put in a coaster like that one on the right. Huge thrills in such a tight space!
  10. Awesome! You are just a wealth of information. Thanks again. Now where can we submit new ride requests to Wonderland??
  11. Well that would have been a wise idea, but Jet Scream was starting to wain in popularity by the time of its removal in late 2010. Also, it looped over the top slowly, instead of moving fast often causing pain for most of the riders. Also from what I understand, the PLC was too costly to replace. But since its removal, it was sold to a park in South America (Venezuela I believe), where it has been standing but not operating since. But, I feel Lumberjack will be much better received by park visitors due to the comfortable ride it provides. As for last year's addition, Soaring Timbers, it is the predecessor of the Mondial Top Scan (Shockwave). So, I do agree that it doesn't make much sense as to why they added it to Canada's Wonderland last year. I feel another park in the chain would have benefited better from it. On a side note, prior to coming to Canada's Wonderland, Soaring Timbers had traveled the European midways running on a more intense program. But on a positive note, given the way Canada's Wonderland operates Soaring Timbers, it does fill the gap for a thrilling family ride. I just wish they would be able to load it much faster. Thanks for that info! By your description, it sounds like I would've preferred Jet Scream to stay for the extra inversion time as I don't recall ever experiencing pain on that ride. Lumberjack seems to be identical to the Bonzai ride that is at the CNE every year. I'd love for Wonderland to buy the Mach5 ride that NAME added a few years ago. Has anyone rode it? It's easily one of the best flat rides I've ever been on! The only downside is the slow moving queue due to small load capacity but installing two of them would help that a lot.
  12. re: lumberjack Couldn't they have saved a lot of money by just moving Jet Scream? The rides are almost identical, save for appearance. The flat ride they put in last year was basically a less intense version of Shockwave too. I'm all for new flat rides but after watching some videos of what Six Flags has put in over the last few years I can see that there are a slew of very different flat rides Wonderland could've purchased instead.
  13. Even better would be to switch back and forth between the video footage and zoomed in stills. I use a really big monitor and the areas of the park that are usually discussed (tunnel, lumberjack etc) are very tiny on my screen. The zoomed in images you've been posting on instagram have been looking really good lately.
  14. guilty! You take some great pictures - anything of Wonderland or other theme parks? Thanks very much! I actually have a bunch from before I started taking a serious interest in photography. Might be fun retouching some of them now that you mention it.
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