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  1. Here are the rumoured leaks. Make what you want of them, but it looks to me this thing is a Leviathan 2.0.
  2. Based on your statements, the photos that have been released, and Parque Reunidos' new management strategies, my intuition is yelling coaster in my mind (Intamin multi-lunch?). Only time will tell.
  3. Steel Vengeance will open many's eyes to the new technologies that are being incorporated in the community. I will say, it's quite obnoxious to listen to countless uneducated, fanboy garbage (cough... cough... Instagam).
  4. Thanks Rob for compiling the list. Medusa Steel Coaster's surprising terrain interaction, slow final zero-g-roll, and barrel roll down drop make for a fantastic ride. However, I wonder how much those nylon wheels have effected the ride? Quick question: Has Medusa Ride of Steel run with Virtual Reality?
  5. ^Jetline is one of those iconic Schwarzkopf's (aren't most), Maurer did some modifications to it's first drop back in '97. The Gerstlauer bobsled coasters(Vilda-Musen in this case) are fantastic as well. They're thrilling for the whole family, and can be perfectly themed.
  6. To get back on topic, I recently learned that Anne Irvine-Ondrey, from Irvine-Ondrey engineering, has accumulated approximately 101 rides, probably far more now. She was kind enough to sit down with CoasterRadio.com and discuss her motive behind the marathoning. Her home park was Cedar Point growing up, and she is the first to break over 100 rides on Steel Vengeance. Rob, have you interviewed or met Anne at IAAPA?
  7. Thanks for the information... Do you have any clue about Griffon's track?
  8. Odd question for anyone to answer... How come Griffon's track is colored in darker shades on different spots of the circuit? Also, who was Battle of Eire manufactured by?
  9. Cedar Fair is largely investing in Carowinds. Fury 325 has completely revitalized the park and has made a gargantuan impact on the industry, as well as the Charlotte community. With the recent announcement for the Spring Hill Suites Charlotte Carowinds, and the strong possibility of another coaster to come in 2019. Carowinds seems like the southern optimum of Cedar Fair.
  10. I've experienced something like this on Diamondback. As the train would ascent the large airtime hills, it would gradually get warmer. However, as the train made it's descent back into the troughs, the air would gradually cool (I'm talking 10-15 degrees). It was an odd thing to experience, once the train hit the final brake run I asked around and everyone who I asked replied they had felt the abrupt temperature changes. Really odd.
  11. ^Thanks so much for providing these photos. I'm currently doing a school project regarding methods of heating the internal of steel, tubular track (mainly to allow for wheels to maintain a controlled temperature throughout the course). Your photos and Invertalon's insight have helped me out. If you wouldn't mind me using your posts on my tri-fold board. Thanks.
  12. Solid Work. I'm anxious to see your rendition of Copperhead Strike.
  13. ^I don't understand your Zelda reference . Six Flags Vietnam is completely off the table correct?
  14. Track was slick and they were using wheel heaters in the station. What do wheel heaters look like? Are they used to keep the train running at normal speeds?
  15. The abrupt launch surprised me, as well as many others. Although, it allows the rider to catch their breathe, it doesn't look to deter from the ride in anyway. I've heard that the s-curve before the zero-g-roll is one of the most surprising elements on the coaster. The ride itself looks amazingly themed, and overall a great investment for SDC.
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