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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Was anyone there today that can speak to Friday wait times? My kid and I tend to go on everything many many times.
  2. I'm headed to cars & coffee next week on Saturday and hitting VF on Friday. Opinions on buying fast pass this time of year if I'm spending most of my time on coasters?
  3. ^Thanks everyone for the feedback! I appreciate having a forum like this with a helpful community.
  4. both days will be pretty pack but I would say Saturday is your best bet. Anyone here have direct knowledge of the schedule for area school trips to Valleyfair? I'm assuming Fri June 1st will be one of the days that area schools bring tons of busloads of kids/teens in. I'm still teetering on going Fri vs. Saturday. I normally never go on Saturday but early season should help.
  5. Anyone know when the area schools start and stop going to valleyfair for their end of the school year trips? I've been there in previous years on June 5th and 10th and in both cases the park was dead except for a bazillion buss loads of teens. I'm going to be in the area on June 2nd and wondering if Fri June 1st will be school kid day. If it is, I might be better off just doing Saturday the 2nd.
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