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  1. Hello, I have some double entries in my rankings list (e.g. 'Twister', 'Halvar the Ride' and a few more). I guess these were introduced back then during the beta. Can you remove those from my rankings?
  2. Couldn't find 'Super 8er Bahn' from Wiener Prater. https://rcdb.com/1095.htm
  3. Since Phantasialand is not that big, I think you can do it in one day. However, if you are one of those guys which do a lot of re-rides, you might spend two days there (their attractions are all high quality, as well as the food). On the way to Phantasialand you might consider visiting Tripsdrill (a very nice and very german style park) and then later drop Movie Park (which is a little bit bland). On the Thursday travelling from Phantasialand to Walibi Holland, a stop at Toverland seems to be feasible. The new Avalon area with Fenix won't be ready, but you can still ride Troy and Dwervelwind is also really good (for Mack Rides it was the intermediate step between Euro Mir and Time Traveller). While exploring Paris, you might consider some smaller parks like 'Jardin d'Acclimatation' or 'La Mer de Sable' (oh I loved their darkride 'La Jungle des Chikapas' with the string puppet animatronics). Some hidden gems/tipps: Walibi Holland: In the morning get a reservation for 'Neurogen'. It's the best VR attraction I have done so far. Europa-Park: For Arthur use the single rider line. Many people miss 'Atlantis Adventure' when they are in a rush through the park. Make a reservation in one of the buffet restaurants of their Hotels for the evening of the night you are spending there. Efteling: Will be crowded on a saturday (and you are going to travel in the evening) and you will have to walk a lot (EPCOT like distances). If time runs out I would omit the shows (Ravelejin and Aquanura - they are not that special) but try to do all Darkrides (they are Disney-level). Walibi Belgium: It's not hidden in any way, but Pulsar was a real positive surprise for us. Don't forget Challenge of Tutenkhamon at the end of the park. Park Asterix: Best attraction (beside Oziris) there is 'Le Défi de César', don't miss this! In the following parks you get really good food: Europa-Park (try FoodLoop or Schloss Balthasar), Efteling (Polles Keuken), Phantasialand (Rutmor's Taverne) and Tripsdrill (Gasthaus zur Altweibermühle). The food in Disneyland Paris didn't really convince us (maybe 'Walt's' is good?) .
  4. And I hate that it looks I was right about this. Still no website of Ankapark, no footage of the opening anywhere. Don't plan a trip to this park (go to Istanbul and Antalya instead ).
  5. Nice Instagramm fly-by video of the Flash clone: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhWsEeTHU4K/?taken-by=fettahtamince The coaster track was completed in march.
  6. Unfortunately I wouldn't be so sure about that. Here is why: Since November 2017 the park didn't post any news on their Facebook page. Wondering about this abrupt end of information flow I searched the internet and found this article. There you can read that the initiator and protegé of the project, Melih Gökçek, was removed by its party (!) as major of Ankara. He was replaced by Mustafa Tuna, which is not that big of an AnkaPark fan as his predecessor. The new major was shocked that the park has already cost around 400 million dollars and decided to put the whole thing up for a public discussion. Now, three things to consider: 1. There was already a big investment, and just cancelling the project would vaporize the money spent. 2. On the other hand, the initial idea was to drag millions of tourists to Ankara, which in my opinion is not very likely to happen. The number of tourists declined dramatically lately in turkey and the main destinations are still Istanbul and the Mediterranean coast. 3. If I remember correctly, none of the coasters was a custom model. So they will be able to sell them more easily. Sad rumors, I know. But I hope this park will go live sometime, maybe even on April 23rd - who knows?
  7. Oh yeah, this is a wondeful ride! Interestingly I thought this is quite as fun as the Mack triple-launcher Star Trek: Operation Enterprise. And it definitely is more fun than the Sky Rockets II (which, of course, have an even smaller footprint). The Gerstlauer Infinity trains with lap-bar only restraints are a big plus. I didn't really like the dispatch processing in the station though - maybe Slagharen will change this in the future. Good news: Bobbejaanland will most probably get something similar (and even bigger) in 2019, e.g. see LINK REMOVED!
  8. Just to make sure: The annual passes I mentioned do also include discounts for a lot of other parks in the area, e.g. check out http://www.plopsafuncard.be/en/partner-discounts - not only the Plopsa parks.
  9. Of course, the theme has nothing to do with the Disney parks - which lend their theming from Jules Verne, the Eiffel Tower (both of french origin) or the world exhibitions (which happened 1855, 1867, 1878, 1889, 1900 and 1937 in Paris - granted, the first one was in London).
  10. 19th april seems to be a good day to go - except for some parts of france, no holidays nearby. Regarding discounts: If you are going to visit other parks in the area, you can check out the annual passes from Plopsa (Plopsa Fun Card), Bellewaerde, Hellendoorn, Bobbejaanland or Walibi Belgium. They come with a discount between -40% to -50% for Phantasialand (at least they did last year - you have to check their websites). The annual pass of Europa Park includes a visit to Phantasialand, but is expensive.
  11. Hi Robb - yes, I agree, this looks as some kind of bad timing. I have tried the built-in feedback function before and finally signed-up to post the feedback here, because I think such a poll is rather important. I love to know where the important coasters are, when I am planning trips. And somehow I am strangely fascinated by rankings. So please, consider this a serious feedback, especially from someone who knows from its job, how important a good UI is for the success of such a project. Maybe you can think about it in the next iterations... Finally, to introduce me a little bit better, my Top10 in the ranking. I'm a "not too intense with comfort and lots of fun"-guy. 1. Fury325 2. Superman The Ride (SFNE) 3. Goliath (SFGA - yup, my no. 1 RMC, because it IS short) 4. Cheetah Hunt 5. Shambhala 6. Balder 7. Wildfire (yes, I placed this behind Balder) 8. Helix 9. Storm Chaser 10. Expedition GeForce (clearly Superman is better, but this is just 1h drive away from where I live) I will also use this forum to post my impressions of some new rides here in Europe, trip starts in June.
  12. I really love that someone finally tried to recreate a 'Mitch Hawker' style poll and you even seem to improve on it. I also managed to create a ballot for the beta, but I observed a few usability issues - especially if you try to create a complete ranking of your 300+ coasters (and I think, on the long run, more people will try to do and keep complete lists). I had the problem, that after adding more than 100 coasters to the ranking, the handling becomes slow and tedious. Grabbing a new coaster from the 'unranked list' and dragging it up to its correct position takes around 30 seconds (or even more if the list gets longer) - per coaster. I would prefer the following layout, and I hope you are going to consider this, because it adds a ton of usability: The unranked list is on the left and the ranked list is on the right. Both lists have their own scrollbar. That's all. Now, when I want to add a new coaster, I scroll to it in the left list (or just execute them in the order of that list), scroll to the target position on the right side, drag it and drop it. Done in a few seconds. In addition, my final ballot had two errors which I could not remove: 'T3' and 'Pulsar' had two entries in the ranked list. Don't know how this happened. Other than that: Great job, very nice site and I'm eagerly awaiting the first results!
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