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  1. Unless you have an actual Merlin Annual Pass, you aren't entitled to any of the benefits an annual pass offers.
  2. Just noticed, when searching for "The Smiler" nothing comes up, which I then realised was because The Smiler is incorrectly listed under the name "Smiler". Just to let you know so it can be fixed!
  3. There have been some front facing on ride POVs floating around the internet. I believe one was uploaded by The Sun newspaper. I haven't watched them as I don't want to spoil it for when I ride it for real, so I don't have a link I can provide you with unfortunately.
  4. A video of the live stream from earlier if you didn't get to see it.
  5. Wicker Man testing. https://www.facebook.com/towerstimes/?hc_ref=ARR-aZEgE8fGQReNgwmfZFMWOq4eYG8slRfolQDlrCiE0Eu0Xl03b32Ci12k8CudDno&fref=nf
  6. No need to shout, young man. What makes you think I'm shouting? My text was in large and bold. It just makes it a bit easier to see and emphasises my point. I do apologise if it came off that way. But yeah, I agree with what Baffles is saying on the name. The park brought all this confusion on themselves in naming it what they did. Nevertheless, I'm sure in time we'll get used to it.
  7. Wicker Man is NOT based off of the films of the same name!! It is based on the same myths and legends that inspired the films.
  8. I just want to point out that these images are for promotional purposes. Many of the effects used in these pictures won't actually be in use when the coaster opens to the public. As the park is only open during the day, bar a few weeks at the end of October, the lighting and fog effects wouldn't nearly be as effective as they are in the pictures released today. Having said that, the coasters theming sure does look absolutely fantastic, even without the extra lighting and smoke effects!
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