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  1. Me and the wife went last night( saturday) as well..the park looks amazing..merry lane is a cool addition...used our skip a lines for Tatsu and Twisted, both were relentless. Those were the only rides we hit and they were both running well and fast, tho didnt get the tatsu train with the lights. Everyone including all the staff we encountered really seemed to be in the holiday spirit. I dont think ive ever had a more pleasent experience at the Mountain. Go Six Flags! You really hit it out of the park this year, i hope this trend continues....havent been to Merry Farm yet but i thought Fright Fest was better than Scary Farm this year so saying HITP might be better than Merry Farm doesnt seem like to much of a stretch...nice trip report by the way, pictures are great, and ill have to try those chicken and waffles next visit.

  2. Im all for the park being open 365 days a year but wouldnt make sense especially when school is in to open later and stay open later , like 2-10 or 3-11, bet more people would go... i mean, they close at 6 on Friday. Even if i had a weekday off id rather go during the evening then in the heat of the day...idk, just a thought. Doesnt SFDK have hours like that...i know they do sometimes, they post it on fb

  3. I have some questions I was hoping could be answered for the new West Coast Racers ride. [1] What's the difference between a zero G roll and a zero G stall? [2] What are high-banked turns and how are they different from overbanked turns? [3] What are over/under near misses? [4] What are meant by track crossovers? Thanks.


    (1) zero g roll is basically a roll at the apex of a airtime hill like the 3rd inversion of Scream, zero g stall pauses in roll upside down like twisted or west coast racers.

    (2) high- banked turn is just that a turn with alot of bank up to 90 degess, an overbank is a turn where the bank exceeds 90 degress.

    (3)near misses, again just like it sounds, ya know, head choppers, weaving close to structures or two trains over and under each other

    (4) track crossovers? You're really typing your own answers here....when the tracks cross over (or under) each other, typically referred to on a racing or dueling coaster...


    That help?

  4. So, in spite of saying the end of passes would be the end of me purchasing season entry I just.signed me and the wife up for diamond elite membership...dang flash sale! Oh well, hope it's worth it, I mean I'll definately get my money's worth at least....



    Did you know in order to take advantage of the preferred parking you must make a reservation by 5am the day of your visit? I didnt. Well, until I had already bought it. Would it have made a difference? Probably not but would have been nice to know before hand. I live 10 minutes away and I dont really ever make plans to go, most of the time it's a spontaneous decision....maybe it's even been covered in this thread somewhere, idk

  5. On Friday, August 30, 2018, Six Flags will once again offer their annual Labor Day holiday Flash Sale on yearly passes.


    I overheard something not too long ago that this is the last year for Annual Season Passes, and that going forward as of 8/30/18,

    any/all passes sold will be in the form of a membership.

    Any thoughts?


    It would be a shame if Six Flags eliminated the Season Pass with the monthly memberships. To me, I see this

    as a BIG/HUGE cost increase - that's if Six Flags is truly eliminating the Season Pass.



    This has been discussed quite a bit in the SF Corporate thread... Basically, it's SF raising the price without making it look like they are raising the price **shrug**

    That would probably be the year I stop being a passholder... the LAST thing I need is a Six Flags bill...you want to raise the price, then raise the price...I'd pay a little more..even if it was little more than a membership

  6. Add me to the list of Backlot Stunt Coaster fans. I'd be happy with any of the rumored coasters that have surfaced so far, but at the same time, I like how there hasn't been any substantial evidence for any of them (ie., track sightings, RMC employees sneaking around the back of the park, etc.), which is keeping everyone guessing.

    Please someone with one of those purchased RMC shirts, go to SFMM in the next two days and sneak around the back of the park to stir up more controversy.

    I have one. Maybe I'll make a trip down to the park tomorrow with a clipboard and tape measure, and sneak around Adrenaline Alley.

    Look for me in the next Park Bros. video.



    That would be amazing! Do it!!

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