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  1. In case anyone happens to give a damn about a random internet dudes opinion: I don't count. I know my count is low...less than 100 I'm sure. But I absolutely consider myself a fairly seasoned enthusiast. Why? Because my low count includes some of the most unique and important roller coaster experiences in the world. I've ridden one of the only two strata coasters in existence (TTD) many times. I've ridden one of the few giga coasters in the world, many times (MF). I've ridden two of the 5 (5 right?) roller coasters in the world with 100+ mph launches including Formula Rossa (and yes, igno
  2. There's really two big ones I've seen over and over again. It seems like everyone knows of someone who claims that they nearly fell out of some roller coaster and was 'held down' by the person sitting next to them even though said ride includes seat belts. I always ask them 'why didn't you buckle and tighten the seat belt?' They always get confused and can't seem to remember there being seat belts. The other one is the asking about track elements about a roller coaster that is right in front of them. I honestly had a friend ask me if Millennium Force had a drop while we were standing right
  3. Formula Rossa No lines all day. Rode it 5 times. 3 times in the front seat!
  4. Yeah I think I've heard that. I wonder if it's just an estimate or if that was learned from somewhere.
  5. Formula Rossa's launch feels exactly like Dragster's launch except it lasts a tiny bit longer and gets windier at the end if you're sitting in the front. That wind is like a damn brick wall.
  6. Hello, I managed to ride Formula Rossa yesterday. The launch was great and I was pleased that the trim brakes after the launch didn't seem to destroy the rest of the ride like I thought it would. It's still pretty damn fast and fun after the brakes. I was wondering if you (or anyone else) actually knew how fast it's going after it hits the brakes. If it's still going over 100 mph after the trim brakes then that seems like a stat worth knowing.
  7. Haven't done that yet. Seems like a good idea. Thanks for the second chance. To be clear, I meant that the main purpose of my trip was to ride Formula Rossa, but I do have other plans in the UAE. But my main reasons for having such a strong need to ride it are personal and strange and probably require therapy...
  8. Not the question. Thanks though. I was all prepared to answer your question, but now that I see you're being rude to one of our other members, I won't bother. I hope you get there and the ride is closed. Robb, now that I have offered a sincere apology to the other user, will you consider answering my question? I'm actually experiencing quite a bit of stress over this. I'm sorry for taking it out on another user.
  9. CoasterBill, I am sorry that I was rude to you. I am a little on edge because I just spent a lot of money. I am sorry that I took it out on you.
  10. Hello, I was just wondering how often Formula Rossa is closed. Also, if it's going to be closed for planned maintenance, how early is it posted on the Ferrari World website? Also, how often does some mechanical failure occur so that it will be closed for several days? I will be in Abu Dhabi from March 12 through the 17 pretty much exclusively for the purpose of riding Formula Rossa and I've bought an expensive plane ticket. After doing some research, it seems that recently its annual maintenance is done around Ramadan time which isn't until June, but I'm still extremely paranoid of random mech
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