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  1. Did anyone else the new season pass changes? I was privately begging for the changes they made, but then they made me regret it by drastically raising prices. I bought 2019 pass for $147 plus $31~ for drink plan, that came with free parking and 1 free ticket to be used before July 1st. I’m not in the area in October so the king size isn’t that useful. If they have an additional free ticket for buying before Christmas (like last year) then it’s going to be great, or if the monthly rewards are as good as busch gardens williamsburg.
  2. For me the single best part of chocolate town is that they are barely touching the 23 acres. We’re going to get a decade of steady growth from this new land. So how many years until they ruin it by moving Lightning Racer to chocolate town so they can expand the only thing the GP cares about the water park?
  3. When the season passes went on sale this discount appeared. From the wording of the 2019 season pass benefits infers that the coupon book has been discounted. This deal is better than the two 20 dollars off regular admission that came with 2018 booklet. The holloween discount is even a better as a percentage of the ticket price. I’m cautiously optimistic that Hershey is going to have fewer but more significant discounts 2019 pass holders. Any thoughts? The new pass holder discount for Halloween 2018 The new pass holder discount from August15th to September 2018
  4. I would love that but the B&M on the permits makes me doubt the possibility. I really don’t love B&M but even my thick head has accepted it’s going to be a B&M hyper. FYI I am still really pro Wildcat RMC. And this is why human’s should be banned from giving eye witness testimony. I was certain that B&M was accidentally listed as contracter or designer in an faa or town/county planning filling. After looking for the documents, none had any area related to contracter or designer section. I think I accidentally picked it up fro a YouTube video. My apologies.
  5. I would love that but the B&M on the permits makes me doubt the possibility. I really don’t love B&M but even my thick head has accepted it’s going to be a B&M hyper. FYI I am still really pro Wildcat RMC.
  6. Tip: 1. If you’re staying at a Hershey property take advantage of sweet start. Get 2-3 rides on Skyrush, Comet, superdoper looper, and Great Bear opens up 30-40 minutes after the Hollow/Hill coasters. 2. Keep the Hershey app ready it’s as valuable as a fast pass (the ride wait time is posted on the app). Hershey has very good loose article policy, including letting you bring half cup of soada into the station as long as you hide it in your pocket. 3. Get to Laugh Track early (the line will not go down), the same is usaly true for Great Bear. 4. Hershey only has a few lower height limit coasters so they tend to get way longer lines than you may expect. 5. If you go to the water park may god have mercy on your soul. Good luck.
  7. Wow did I miss the vr part of this because I didn’t see it mentioned in the release? If it is vr I may actually be interested. On a more important note did anyone win one of the prizes from their contest. I entered on every day and dam do I want 4 season passes.
  8. So it looks like two minor changes have been made. 1. This year there offering a payment plan for 8 months instead of 7. I personally only bought a pass this year because of the plan. 2. The savings book was replaced in wording with “Season Pass Exclusive Offers”
  9. I wasn’t suggesting capex, but it looks like you’re talking in general not a specific response. I was hoping that the poor attendance numbers for Six Flags and Ceader Fair in the Mid Atlantic would also be affecting Hershey and lead to some more generous events/perks like the SF 1 flash pass use per visit.
  10. Hey did anyone else noticed that Hershey updated its website last night to show 2019 season pass pricing? Bastards rose it three dollars over last year to 148. The higher price doesn’t bother me, but they didn’t include any new perks. I wish they would feel more pressure from the competition but the Hershey name means they get elasticity closer to Disney than Great Adventure or Dorney.
  11. I think a flyer or 4D coaster will come first. I'd love a flyer, but if the layout some people have determined from the plans is accurate, it would be unlike any flyer layout over. Flying coasters don't tend to have an out and back layout. There is a first time for everything, though. Speaking of guesses, I did a YouTube search to see if anyone made one in NoLimits and there was just one (at least for now). Edit- Random thought: While looking at old aerial photos of HP, I remembered the park used to have a rapids ride. Would it be out of the realm of possibility to give the park a new one? Canyon River Rapids was removed for the second phase of the water park following the 2008 season. Most big theme parks have a rapids ride. Should HP have one (again)? Some good points. Let me counter. 1. I don’t see definitely hyper layout in the plans that have been released, but I really don’t have any alternatives to suggest. I would remind everyone that the planing documents show the area of development by 2020 not a single ride or two. 2.I do think the out and loop back(part of the plans) is probably for a coaster holder but could be for infrastructure/ leveling. 3. Project 2020 has only been given zoning for 20-40% of the zoned area, so my bet is 2022-2030 for a new river raft ride.
  12. I agree with all that’s been said, I will add a few points. 1. After checking the app for ride time 3 times a day for 3 months only a few rides get sustained lines. 2. Hershey has very friendly loos artical polities, and provide plenty of places to store your phone or hat wile you ride (makes the app easy to live with). 3. The demo of Hershey leads to 46 inch height limit rides to get crazy lines, GB only gets lines because the gp have obsessions with inverts. 54 inch plus gets long but come down fairly quick. 4. Fast Tracks are only $49 on weekdays. 5.If you get sweet start you don’t need to rush to the back as it’s not open.Hit Skyrush and Comet before going on the normal back to front stragety. 6.I’ll be at the park July 18,19, or 20th so I have a vested interest in being right.(I’ll be the one with racing,tie dye,and/or Las Vages goalden knights shirt.)
  13. After going earlier this year I can say you only need it if your only going for a few hours or a really busy weekend. If you stay at a Hershey property sweat start in my opinion is equivalent to a fast pass. Most of the time lines are less than 15 minutes. The app can get you to rides with the shortest lines and you’ll get to everything you need to. The only rides with lines that don’t go down fast are Lafftrack, Great Bear and Comet. The remaining rides have highly wavey wait times. If you go to the water park then may god have mercy on your soul, and you will be forced to follow the crowds and will hit all the lines. Good luck, and those more experienced may give better advice.
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