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  1. Funny how you disliked Spookslot so much. I think it's pretty unique in how they went all out scary over whimsical in such a child-oriented park. Especially considering this was their first large scale attraction, largely designed in house when they were just a playground. I'm not familiar with any European walkthrough/dark ride built before this that doesn't look cheap.


    Meanwhile I can't stand Symbolica in all its random Nickelodeonesque loudness, but I guess I'm just turning into a curmudgeonly old man

  2. Apparently the Bob is now having problems with its chain lift.


    They're being oddly open about it on Twitter today:


    Efteling: A couple years ago, Efteling made an adjustment to the Bob's lift mechanism, in order to decrease noise. This worked completely satisfactory. A while ago, a bobsled rolled back while getting pulled up the lift hill. 1/2


    This is now being investigated. Safety is always first at Efteling, which is why we will take the time to find a good solution. Nobody's safety was ever at risk. 2/2

    Q: How was nobody's safety at risk if a bob rolled back?
    Efteling: We're not comfortable saying exactly what happened, but if a Bob for example were to roll back a few centimeters, this would not pose a safety risk. It is a signal for research to be done. This is just speculation however.
    Q: So the rollback engaged from there?
    Efteling: Like we've said, we don't know exactly and it's just speculative, but even when a part were to fail, we always have a back-up to keep things safe. Of course, that's sadly not a permanent solution.
  3. Notice how all those four are reffered to as thrill rides, if they want to be unieque a familie launch sounds the best way imo. If they plan to go thirll ride then they really need to bring the A game.


    Note how Intamin branded 'family' launch coasters have so far have been small friction wheel models, only because of costs and maybe the skeuomorphic trains. Efteling's got the dough and design's certainly their thing, so hopefully they won't start cutting corners like that.


    Now if they go Blitz, with competent launches and high capacity trains, they could still slap on as much preshows and soap bubbles as they like. I would actually prefer no inversions.


    Sharp increase though yeah. Symbolica's show building sure looks pretty.

  4. Actually he said it won't be "schreeuwerig", which means as much as flashy or conspicuous (nothing to do with literal screaming), in addition to it not being "60 meters tall", which doesn't really surprise anyone given the modest piece of land.


    Why would they need another family coaster though? They've already got a world class line-up of dark rides and family coasters. Thrill rides not so much. It's the teenage market where they can get any real growth at this point.


    It's funny how their first coaster (when they were just a large playground with a haunted castle) was also the last one to be 'large for its time'. It clearly worked for them back then.

  5. So Looopings posted quite an odd article today.


    The new attraction Efteling is planning to open in 2020, will be a roller coaster. Looopings can confirm this following conversations with suppliers. The roller coaster will be situated in themed land Reizenrijk (Travel Realm), on a new three acre piece of land next to the Efteling Hotel. This is behind indoor coaster Vogel Rok.


    Looopings already reported back in September that the fairy tale-themed park is planning a spectacular new roller coaster. It wasn’t clear when the project was to be realized back then. The Efteling so far has only announced to be working on a new attraction, due to be finished in 2020.


    The new ride will be the seventh roller coaster in the park, after the Python (1981), the Bob (1985), Vogel Rok (1998), De Vliegende Hollander (2007), Joris en de Draak (2010), Baron 1898 (2015). More details are currently unknown.


    I mean it's possible given the (solid red = "ride area") they mentioned in their press release back in January:



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