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  1. Well we went to our home park today and it was really a glorious day......arrived right after opening at 12:15 pm with the temp in the low 40's but bright sun.....I took the kids without my wife so I was not able to ride any of the big stuff - however I did sneak a ride on Batman while the kids rode Crime Wave.....anyway the cold temps and being a Monday the crowds were non-existent - probably the least amount of people I have seen there except maybe that day last September when rain closed the park early around 3pm......that day I rode Superman in pounding rain which was pretty painful but a good memory.....anyway in 4 hrs and 15 minutes we managed to ride Pandemonium, Thunderbolt, Catwomans Whip, Gotham City Gauntlet, Crime Wave, and Batman (me only).....wait times for all rides were less than 5 minutes.....so great Loved the changes where HQ went up.....they moved the Tea Cups to where Buzz Saw was and put Slingshot right in front of The Riddler Revenge which is a great retheming of Mind Eraser......the ride looks great - the orange/greens are really bright.....IDK if I will ride HQ but the ride looks awesome.......I feel like Slingshot is pretty close to Riddler Revenge...... Goliath was closed and I'm not sure what they are doing to it or putting in.....the covered area that I think is the extended queue area was being worked on......then as we walked around to the south side of the ride I noticed a piece of track on the ground and a gap in the track in the station (zoom up on my picture - you may be able to see it).....not an expert on coasters but maybe they take the train off that way or some sort of repair.....wondering what they are doing to the ride.....honestly I have only rode it once, ever, and I walked off with a major headache.....man it banged my head around.... Anyway a nice half day opener....we will be back many more times all the way through December - we loved Holiday in the Park....enjoy the pics... Closed sign at Goliath - hadn't heard it wasn't working Overflow queue area at Goliath - theres something going on here but not sure Piece of track laying on the ground - zoom up, theres a gap in the track in the station (took train out this way?) Line at Pandemonium was non existent today - unheard of, kids loved it, we rode it like 8 times Shot of The Riddler Revenge from the top of Gotham City Gauntlet - I love the new paint job on this thing Entrance of The Riddler Revenge Walk area in front of The Riddler Revenge - New location of Slingshot is to the right More Riddler Revenge More Riddler Revenge - with train, love the colors, very bright Tea Cups was moved to where Buzz Saw was to make room for Harley Quinn New DC Gotham City entrance sign and Harley Quinn in the background More HQ Close up of HQ Other side of HQ Leaving DC area
  2. Dude I know. It can be extremely difficult during those deep summer months like July and August. Certainly SFGA and SF Georgia are worse but still I can't even. We went to SFGA in 2016 and I was dripping waiting for Kingda Ka to take off. But man what a ride.
  3. What is with all the .... in your posts? Sorry. I read and post on a weather board and have for a long time and over time my posting style has evolved into a very loose conversational style. The ellipsis are just where my thought changes or where I think I need them to convey my point. I'll work on it lol.
  4. Awesome thanks....the legal stuff wasn't nearly as interesting as the technical coaster stuff.....on a side note when I rode Batman yesterday for the third time in a row - there was no line - I noticed that it speed checked itself right before the entry into that cool roll it does after the pic is taken.....Batman is a nice ride....it gets a lot of hate I think.....I also have a lot of coasters to ride too lol.... Also, once a coaster gets warmed up it runs faster. There's a big difference between cold starting a coaster on a 27 degree night with a test run of an empty train and starting it with the sun out at 2 in the afternoon when it's likely 15 degrees warmer, running it all day which gets the wheels warmed up and causes it to speed up and then having it drop down to 27 degrees later on at which point the coasters has been running for 6 hours already... especially since it's running 1 train which means it's never parked on the block brake. It's ALWAYS either moving or sitting over heat lamps in the station so the wheels stay warm.
  5. I just saw your post today but we were there last Sunday the 10th and the park looked great with all the snow......I was nice how they cleared it too by actually hauling it away rather than push it to the side.....they left landscaping untouched so the lights buried under the snow really made it look good.....we went back yesterday and they had lost some of it but it still looks good.....probably the only SF doing HITP with actual snow? IDK maybe Great Escape.... Carousel as you enter the park...... Cool ornament with Fireball in the back..... In the kiddie area with Superman lit up in the back..... Another view of cool ornament looking back the other way with Scream and Goliath in the back....
  6. Hi guys I have been a fan of TPR YouTube videos for a while and just signed up here as my interest in theme parks and especially coasters continues to grow.....we have been members now at SFNE for 2 seasons now and it has been so great to come here and be able to ride one of the truly special coasters ever built - Superman.....solid shout to Wicked Cyclone too....Inhave always loved roller coasters but there was a while there for many years I did not ride one.....then we got the SFNE membership and I’ve gotten back into it.....anyway here’s my topic..... We are season pass holders and have enjoyed the inaugural Holiday in the Park here......a good portion of the park is closed - like the whole lower area where Superman is and then the north end of the park where Wicked Cyclone is - but the rest is open and they are operating Batman, Mid Eraser, Thunderbolt, and Joker......question is how the hell are they doing this when the temp was at 30 maybe a tick lower......I love all the roller coasters here and while Batman has gotten a bad rap it’s not a bad coaster IMO and I rode it 3 times tonight.....last row then front row then right in the middle.....it seemed to run fine but I was reading up on coasters in cold weather and the general theme was that under 40 the ususal practice is to close..... it was easily below freezing tonight.....as well as last Sunday night when I rode Batman twice.....I will note that Batman did speed check itself at the bottom of the dive right before the picture is taken.... so IDK, if slow speeds are a worry during cold weather Batman seemed to be going fast enough that it needed to be speed checked during the ride.....
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