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  1. Curious.....I rode Superman twice on Sunday....both times in car 4.....I like that middle area where the air time is more pure floater....anyway I noticed my first ride was much less chattery than the second ride....the difference? First ride was relatively full and it wasn’t raining.....second ride there was like 5 people on.....and it was raining.....does that correlate? There’s gotta be some folks here with a long history on this ride......I’m not exactly sure but my ride count on it is still under 20 pretty sure.....thanks
  2. Superman at SFNE.....on Sunday.....great ride cuz my 11 yr old daughter graduated to the big stuff on that ride....she killed it and went for another ride with her friend
  3. Yikes......we've ridden it several times....IDK if I'm gonna ride it again......they need to replace that thing - problem is IDK if theres enough room to put something better.....maybe one of those magnetic deals that goes back and forth through the station a couple times and then completes the cycle....theres really not anywhere in the park to put a big boy coaster anymore......stuff would have to be removed.....
  4. Curious......so Flashback was open during HITP? That ride bothers me....the restraints are so old school....and IDK a belt might be nice for those who think that matters....and I swear I think my 11 yr old is gonna fall out....there’s like so much space between the restraint and her body.... Also I’ve noticed Flashback closes more frequently than any other coaster there.....well except Goliath this year but what’s the deal? Does it valley a lot or something? Has it ever stopped in the boomerang section? Er cobra roll?
  5. Ya......if they got the north end open and could run Wicked Cyclone and Pandemonium that would be awesome......agree that the Superman area down low and separated from the rest of the park would make it unlikely to be open
  6. Glad she liked Superman; it really is exciting seeing someone graduate to the bigger rides. We've all been there. I'm stunned you were able to reride without walking around. SFNE usually has a hard policy against this. During HITP they routinely sent me out on Batman.....like 4 times in a row.....Thunderbolt too.....wonder if they open up more of the park this year during HITP....would love to get a winter ride on Superman....lol
  7. We got in a pretty epic day today....probably the longest visit since we’ve been members since Fall 2015....9 hr visit.....I’ll back up to Saturday when me and my daughter decided to try to go up to Agawam around 12:30....we live only 30 min away so for us to drive up there whenever or stay for only a couple hours is no biggie....dude when we arrived at 1:00 the traffic to get to the general parking gate was backed up to the main road....never saw it like that....the weather was clear, sunny, and Effin hot AF.....it took 25 min to get to the gate....the parking lot was full to the back lot....we left However....I checked the forecast and it was supposed to rain all night saturday and into Sunday morning so I said to her “let’s come back tomorrow at opening.....nobody is gonna be here”.....she was like “heck ya”...... So we arrived today at 11:00 and just as I predicted we walked right in to the park.....met up with some friends and walked right on to Thunderbolt.....my younger son who isn’t tall enough for the big stuff likes Thunderbolt.....then we ate and met up with some more friends and headed to a Superman....walked on.....I complained to my fellow coaster enthusiast friend how it was lame that Superman was only using one train but now that I’ve read through this thread I know they’re using one train.....still are as of today....great great ride.... As the day progressed the crowd didn’t get out of hand.....pretty sure the morning conditions - heavy rain and forecast of rain - kept most folks home.....but it never rained until about 7......we did 90 minutes of water and then left and decided to hit Batman, Riddler, and a last ride on Superman when water closed..... Great thing here is that my 11 yr old daughter who has finally reached critical height for the big stuff finally decided to throw it down and actually get on the big stuff....she killed Batman twice and loved it....she was nervous about the restraints for some reason.....she got spoiled with the sweet restraints on Riddler.....then we hit Riddler real quick and then headed to the big guy - Superman.....this was the moment......I rode with her in car 4.....her friend rode in front....she never waive red....killed it....loved it and stayed on for a second ride as they let her and her friend reride without getting off....there was nobody in line.....she killed the second ride again..... And then we were so tired by 7:00.....we left.....I am still very surprised how the weather impacted the crowd.....awful on Saturday to epically empty inn sunday on the “chance of rain”.....we take advantage of these days cuz this is what happens.....also the park never closed early.....it didn’t rain really until 8 and by then they’re all in on the day.....I’ve been there when they close the park early “for weather” and no question it was cuz of the size of the crowd and not the weather..... All in all a really epic day......so proud of my daughter....she graduated to the big boys today.....
  8. Selfie sticks are prohibited....I’d think if you tried to board Superman with a GoPro protruding from your head they’d bark unless you arranged it earlier with higher up folks......they have life jackets available but there’s usually not enough and they’re usually gross.....and why would you use you take your phone on a water slide? Lol
  9. Also finally rode Fireball....my daughter loves the ride and she begged me and I couldn’t resist....I ride coasters of any size and I just couldn’t bring Myself to ride this thing....I don’t like upside down stall rides....but I got on and had a blast... So in exchange she promised to ride Riddlers Revenge....we rode it twice....second time in front....awesome with the new restraints they put on.....it’s a totally different ride....well done SFNE
  10. So no change then? Is it the Premier that’s so sucky? I rode it last season and man I had the biggest headache walking off it.....why did they change it?
  11. Rode today and can’t say which train I rode but I will pay attention now.....I am trying tonfiguremout where on the train has the best floater air....I mean clearly it’s near the center but last time I rode I picked the car in the middle that only has one row....there’s a big S thing on the train in the second row of that car for whatever reason.....it was especially rough....and floater was ok but not great.....today I chose the second row of the car in front of that....and it was so Much better....but you mentioning the difference in general ride between the trains is curious.....your tohoights on best train and car combo for that really amazing free fall feel over those hills?
  12. We were there today and they were definitely testing it with dummies....all day.....I am too novice to know if they’ve changed the trains but maybe somebody here can comment on these pics I took....maybe you can’t....it is a bit far away
  13. That looks like a shorter arm than HQS and except for going all the way around it looked sorta meh....but hey I’m the one reluctant to ride....
  14. I am very reluctant to ride HQS.....but was curious....on HQS how do the forces compare as you go through the bottom at full swing to say the bottom of the first drop on Superman? I have no problem riding Superman or WC but for some reason I can’t wrap my head around HQS enough to venture on....
  15. I enjoy how HQS sucks up riders away from the real coasters in the park......I will never ride HQS but I hope to profit off the reduced lines she causes at my fav rides.....STR, WC, and Batman.....
  16. I haven’t ridden enough coasters to know if it’s running great or not.....today Wicked Cyclone seemed awesome.....we were in the middle of the train which is nice sometimes cuz it eliminates the hold back in the front and the pull o we in the back and gives a freer ride.....loved it.....love knowing the ride enough to twist my body into the direction changes.....amazing.....tht ride really is something....my 11 yr old really loved it too.....
  17. IDK....we went today mostly for water which was a bit of a disaster with the crowds and heat and long food lines but when they closed the water side at 7pm my 11 yr old was all “daddy let’s ride wicked cyclone before we go” And I was all “heck ya let’s go”.....it felt great.....first ride on it since last year.....wait was about 25 min....shorter than the other coasters after the water side closed.....all in all the WC ride was the highlight of the visit....pretty sure I prefer cooler wetter days to cut down on the crowds.....I once rode Superman in blinding rain....then they closed the park 15 min after we got off the ride....immensely more enjoyable to put up with annoying weatherthan annoying crowds.....goes true too for cold weather during HITP.....cold rides on Batman were so worth it....4 rides in 15 min
  18. Visited the park today.....we usually wait for the bad weather to go cuz it cuts down on the crowds....anyway.....daughter found out today she’s finally talk enough for ALL of the rides in the park.....she’s debating though whether she’s gonna brave Superman.....I didn’t push her....we rode pandemonium, lots of Gotham city; Catwoman whip.....then they closed the park at 7 cuz rain....we have passes and are only 25 min away....great day
  19. IDK....I don’t think I can this one....it seems all too hokey to ride....I’m cool with coasters of any size but this thing is scaring the poop outta me....IDK why...sorry
  20. ^When you were there in 2015 did you get a ride on Wicked Cyclone? Really maxing ride....we joined as members during SFNE Labor Day sale they have every year and that’s when I got back into coasters....this ride was one of the first biggies I rode that year and man was it intense.....all time favorite on my list....admittedly my list is short but it’s growing..... The park has seen a real string of successful upgrades since.....a Larson Loop added in 2016 (Fireball) then 4D coaster in 2017 (Joker) and now Harley Quinn Zamperala swinging monstrosity opening June 2....sorry IDK the technical name For this ride....it swings massively back and forth while spinning....honestly IDK if I’ll ride it....lol With these new rides added the park has moved stuff around and returned rides like Mind Eraser to Riddlers Revenge with amazing paint job.....they need to upgrade Batman to make the south section of the park complete but really the last few years have been great....IDK where they will be able to add new stuff now....so they have usable property there? Maybe on the other side of the road where the overflow parking is....
  21. Ya it was Sunday Sept. 3 last year.....it was off and on rain all day - we got there around 1:00 and by maybe 3:30 it wasn''t letting up so as we were headed to ride Superman we heard the announcement that the park was closing at 4pm I think......so we were able to get on the last Superman ride of the day and when the train pulled out onto the lift hill it was just dumping rain.....heavy....but theres SFNE just sending trains up lift hills like nothing doing lol.......anyway when we went down the drop it was basically mini bullets in my face the whole way......everyone should experience it once but don't do it again....lol
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