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  1. Why are the restraints so terrible? I keep hearing this and IDK, I don't mind them.....thing is though - Superman is really the only hyper I have ridden.....I need to get out more lol There was an accident early in the early 2000s. I forget which year, but when it reopened the state would not allow the original T-bar restraints it was designed with ala Millenium Force or Top Thrill Dragster. Now they’re thick yellow U-bars? Correct me if im wrong, I haven’t been in a few years, kind of similar to the thickness of El toro. Ya the guy that got ejected was from Bloomfield, CT near where I live.....he was ejected on the last turn before the brake run - the restraint did not lock in from what i've read - IDK how a train can be cleared to leave if theres a restraint not locked but maybe back in 2004 it could.....his size was an issue and he had cerebral palsy..... Currently the restraints are black and your legs go in between the connecting bars rather than straddling a single bar as I imagine it would be like with T-bar......I will admit the restraint is bulky and never seems to land right on my lap - I much prefer the kind on wicked cyclone...those are comfortable
  2. Why are the restraints so terrible? I keep hearing this and IDK, I don't mind them.....thing is though - Superman is really the only hyper I have ridden.....I need to get out more lol
  3. IDK....I was jut reviewing MF POV.....there’s only 2 air time hills....what’s up with that....it may be a hundred feet taller than Supe at SFNE but it doesn’t hold up against Supes 3 epic airs before it heads into the spaghetti bowl of insaneness....Supe at SFNE really is great
  4. This isn’t real....Illinois? Haven’t heard S about this in Mass....our home park is SFNE....
  5. ^My understanding was that the DE SKL passes were always just one ride for that member twice....we have 4 DE memberships and have really loved that we get 8 SKL passes but it’s always been 1 rider per pass....HOWEVER....I found out - at SFNE - that when the weather is sketchy and they decide to shut down the flash pass system cuz they think nobody is gonna buy it that forces the DE members to member services to get the SKL passes....thing is when ita done this way the SKL pass is really a SKL pass for up to 4 riders and it doesn’t expire....they hand out different passes....IDK it’s anlearning process I guess.... I currently have 12 of those bonus passes that I saved over out last two visits during sketchy weather where FP was down...lo It’s annoying that it seems DE is being treated diffeeemt at different parks....so far though we’ve loved the parking access and the SKL deal....that’s the biggest thing we like
  6. ^Riddler was running two trains when we were there last week.....Pandemonium usually has like two out on the track while loading one....WC is odd that it’s going one train which really slows it down....Superman obviously is a problem....Batman usually two and has been all summer....only Thunderbolt has just one train ever....at least since we’ve been going since Fall 2015
  7. ^Gotta wonder what’s up with the parks financials if they can’t get their big boy ride running two trains....combined with their other big boy rode Wicked Cyclone also on one train.....it’s not like it’s October and the end of the season is near....come on guys
  8. Ah.....ya maybe....we grabbed our skip the line passes right away at member services and then went right to Pandemonium for two rides then we ate cuz it rained..... How long were you there and how was the rain? I was amazed that they were still open at 6:00...in Hartford it was all rainy and dreary all day but I noticed on radar it was drier to the north....anyway twice I’ve been there on wet days and they shut it down at 3:00....they blamed the weather but it was due to low attendance no question....it’s definitely been a wetter summer....maybe for HITP it won’t be so cold this year
  9. ^when were you there yesterday? We went like 6:00 to 9:45 and it was perfect - humid AF but only rained briefly for 20 min Also Riddler certainly does shake a lot but it’s not that bad....the new restraints make it better They have to get blue train running on Supe....god that stinks
  10. OK thats fine man - whatever - here's my report from today...... IT WAS THE MOST EPIC 4 HRS AT SFNE EVER!!!!! I mean you are right - you take a chance that you're gonna get dumped on while in line and it was definitely humid and uncomfortable AF but dude.......it only rained on us for 20 min of the 4 hours we were there and we just ate dinner during that rain......we walked onto Pandemonium 3 times.....after the rain me and my daughter walked onto Wicked Cyclone and we rode the front car.....it ran real nice and I was reminded how amazing that front car ride is despite being a bit on the "slow" side - clearly the back is the place on this ride but that unobstructed view over the drop is amazing......we hopped onto Catwomans Whip twice on our way to Superman and then hopped onto Gotham City - cuz nobody was on it......then my daughter and I rode back to back night rides on Superman......AMAZING.....then we left.....it was a short trip but packed a punch and worked out......we live close enough that if we have to leave cuz its crowded or they close the for "bad weather" we don't care.....loved it Superman Comments: Blue train is still just sitting there in storage......not sure whats going on.....didn't matter obviously cuz the crowd was so low but still it stinks they aren't running it..... Wicked Cyclone: Also just running one train.....why? Skip the Line Passes thing: So the last two times we have gone up - including tonight - we were directed to Member Services to get our Skip The Line passes.....we are Diamond Elite members - all four of us - so we get 8 total STL passes per visit......today when we got up to Member Services the person there spilled the beans that when there is a cloudy and rainy forecast they will often just close down the Flash Pass service.....knowing the crowds won't justify buying the FP.....thing is when they do that Member Services isn't connected to Flash Pass so they don't scan your pass and then print the STL pass....they just give you a 1 time 1 ride up to 4 riders pass according to your membership.....so for us we got 8 of those....its fukin gold and can be used any time rather than just on the day of the visit which is the normal for the STL passes......so we got them and didn't use them - just save them for later.....I already had 4 from our previous visit so I think I'm in good shape for the rest of the season.....it also means theres a weakness in the way they handle bad weather days relative to the Diamond memberships......any time theres a forecast for bad weather and I think they will close down the FP service I could just drive up there and snag those 8 passes from Member Services....and then just leave and save them for later....anyway.....thats all A great day indeed!!!!!
  11. ^meh.....people do it....you may not....it’s fine You’re like the only one ever that compared me to a racist because of it....lol Hoping SFNE is still open later today....gonna take a quick trip up there and see if I can get on Superman for a couple night rides....the rain may close the park though....IDK yet
  12. Dude it’s so maddening.....it’s been like that for the whole season I think.....Wixked Cyclone too
  13. LOL WUT [attachment=0]MF.jpg[/attachment] Also unless maybe the key gets stuck or something, we're all perfectly OK with you ending each of your sentences with one period. Just one is all we need. That’s not bad.....and I like my periods....been posting like that in many forums for years..................lolz
  14. SFNE is our home Park and I feel blessed to have such an epic coaster like Superman to ride over and over.....the view alone from the top looking right over the CT River pushes this thing to the top IMO.....I haven’t been on Fury or MF but I’m not so sure they have the view this thing offers.....one of the problems this year is they’ve only been running one train.....same for your visit? Anyway I think the way Wicked Cyclone runs “slow” is part of its deal.....it’s a compact RMC and really throws a lot at you in a short distance.....the further back the better......that ride has also suffered from one train season which is such a bummer..... If you’re in the area today - Saturday the 10th - I’d try to get back to the park......the weather looks perfect for knocking down crowds.....we only go when rain is in the forecast...... literally have walked onto Superman..... Anyway nice report.......may be heading up today.....we risk that they may close the park if attendance is down but we’re members and only 20 min away so whatever......
  15. ^that was me upset can’t delete a post I did......that’s weird right?
  16. Well I really wanted to get up there today and try to get those any time rides up to 4 riders - with the FP system down - but never made it.....just didn’t work out....still have four left though from yesterday and will conserve as needed....I’m sure the crowd up there in Agawam was insane today....
  17. Joker 4D SFNE.....surprisingly good ride....I’m not sold on these deals - I’d rather ride Superman 3 times instead but hey.....
  18. Was there today and asked the friendly folks at Nightwing - cuz they looked like they were bored - what’s up with Crime Wave.....said it’s been down about two weeks and waiting for a part that required basically full dismantle to replace.....they said they think it’ll be back though..... So here’s my trip report for the day: 1. Again weather big factor today....heavy rain and cloud cover in the morning knocked down crowd size enormously....arrived about 1:30....rain was gone and the sun was starting to come out....it was hot and humid though so lots of drinks, shade, and AC when required.... 2. Flash Pass system was down......now we don’t normally buy FP since SFNE is our home park and we’re so close - 20 min - that to leave cuz of crowds isn’t a big deal for us....we’ll just come back later....however it mattered because we are Diamond Elite members and when I went to get my skip the line passes the sign on the FP office said go to member services where they issued gold.....we got 6 passes good any time on any ride and each pass is good for 4 people....I was like “damn is that a new thing?”....she was like “no it’s just cuz FP system is down.....I figure since they couldn’t scan and print the skip the line passes like they usually do they resorted to the other more awesome passes.... I left the park with 4 of them since the lines were so short I decided these were better used another day....I’m gonna drive up there tomorrow to see if the system is still down and try to grab 8 of those suckers.....then we’ll just leave - I expect the crowd to be terrible tomorrow..... 3. Wicked Cyclone ran great but they were running one train.....lame.....they were doing that a few weeks ago too....wtf - I mean we waited to get on the front car so there was that but still 4. Superman ran great too but guess what? Red train only - I guess that’s the theme this year....hey guys come ride two of the best coasters on the planet but wait forever cuz we can’t gwt two trains running....man 5. It was hot AF.....I said that already..... 6. Today we were able to get in the “reservation only” parking without a reservation....2nd time that’s happened this year....my guess is the weather prevented a lot of folks with reservations from coming so the security guy let me in....it clearly said No Reservation on my ticket they printed when I stopped at the booth.... 7. Discovered Pandemonium has a “singles line”.....that’s not marked....got on multiple rides in a row without having to use those passes I picked up earlier.... 8. Had a great ride on Joker....only second time on....that middle section really tosses you around.... 9. Thunderbolt broke down - we were next to get on and the train just stopped just out of the station and before the lift hill.....the operator was all “Uhhhh it’s gonna be a while”.....lol....we left - a supervisor, two paramedics, and two maintenance guys showed up and they were gonna initially just push the train to the lift hill and let them ride it but a couple a folks wanted off so it set in motion a whol protocol to get passengers off a ride where there’s basically nowhere for people to go.....granted that location isn’t the most dangerous place but still....the maintenance guy was like “I can’t send a train if people want to get off”.....this one woman really was pissed and probably scared and wanted off.... 10. Snacks need to be extended to 30 min before closing or something....not 8:30 in the height of the season....dumb 11. Still staying away from HQ and SS.....I probably have to be really heated to go on those and probably would vomit.....so I won’t....lol 12. Speaking of vomit - somebody barfed on Scrambler and it was closed when me and my son tried to ride.... That’s it.....I’ll report back how my scheme tomorrow works out.....
  19. Without having ever ridden TC or TT.....I haven’t yet prioritized getting to other parks but want to....WC is absolutely ridiculous.....it throws a lot at you in a short period of time....I rode this the first year it opened without ever knowing it was a refurb and without knowing anything about RMC....what a god damn ride man....this thing is incredible really....my 11 yr old has been riding a couple seasons now - with the shorter height requirements - and she was more nervous to get on Superman than ride WC.....IMO WC is such a diffeeent ride and is up there with Superman at the top of its class.... Again I haven’t ridden very many coasters.....I need to get to more parks....but I’m loving what’s at SFNE....
  20. Also Goliath at SFNE is pretty loud.....for whatever reason it’s still shut down this year.....
  21. At SFNE Catwomans Whip and Fireball are pretty loud.....I can hear them from anywhere in the park probably except the far north section......
  22. Sorry.....reading fail....you said blue chatters less than red....anyway I just love this ride
  23. No same train.....they were only running one....I guess the other is out of service waiting for some parts? I read that earlier in the thread.....it’s weird.....that first ride was really good.....which train chatters more? Blue or red? They were running the blue train...
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