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  1. Reviewing CT guidance for reopening outdoor amusement parks they have that in Phase 2.....which is June 17....so LC and Quassy could be open in 10 days while SFNE stays closed unless Mass moves them up out of Phase 4.....they should be coordinating better maybe....IDK
  2. Ya I was looking into this today trying to figure out when they’d start charging me again - I paused membership payments.....Phase 4 per MA reopening guidance is the “new normal” whatever that means....they say each phase would be minimum of 3 weeks with phase 2 set for Monday....they’re so vague about phase 4 I could see SFNE not opening until August? IDK....hate this...
  3. ^ya totally don't know what it means but its nice thats there......maybe they're testing or just getting stuff setup.....here in CT phase 2 isn't until June 20 - I'm not sure what Mass is but I would think the governors are coordinating.....suggests maybe that calandar is a test or setup......theres no official announcements yet
  4. Welp....was perusing the SFNE site and saw this......encouraging.....
  5. Riddler Revenge at SFNE on New Years Day......we rode it 3 straight times without getting off.....it was cold AF but only like 3 riders on it...lol
  6. ^I said it was a guess........hell they may not even open at all......
  7. There is no way it will open next month......my guess is we're looking at July or August at the earliest......any word about suspension of monthly payments if they aren't open in time?
  8. We had some great rides on Pandy NYD....Batman was open earlier in day but was closed by the time we got over there....Riddler was running real nice though....it was chilly but fun AF....
  9. a new superman? what would be the point. put in maxx force 2, sfne needs a launch coaster. I’m not saying duplicate it bro.....I’m saying put something new in there....JFC....come on man....it’s my home park and I am well aware that it’s coaster tech is old.....would love a custom new tech deal like Superman was 20 yrs ago......2021?
  10. ^pretty sure there are significant wetlands issues with developing that northern piece of the property.....not that it can’t be done but it would need to work financially....they have a lot of space there that definitely could be used for a new Superman type ride.....they need to demo Goliath and flashback and put in a coaster there.....there’s also potential in that dead zone between cat woman and Riddler.....might be big enough for a coaster and could take advantage of the elevation change between the two.....
  11. Nice visit today.....got there about 4:00 or so....we are about 25 min away and have Diamond Elite passes so parked in Preferred and got our STL passes and season FP and we’re off......WC was really hauling - caught two rides on that in the back half.....usually we’re in the front half and my daughter was like “I feel like it really screamed over the hill on the drop”.....lol.....then we went on Thunderbolt in the back.....damn if that wasn’t the bumpiest ride I’ve had on that ride.....IDK....then on to Superman....thing is the ride had been closed for a while - when we got there at 4:00 it was already closed and it didn’t reopen until about 7:00.....I was nervous to go - that’s just me being 46 yr old about it and wondering why it was down and if it’s really been fixed.....but my 12 yr old death defying daughter forced me to go.....we rode car 6 front row red train which is the row behind the vacant back row of car 5 which is the remnant of the sound system from years back....holy smokes....what a great ride.....train was hauling serious ass.....we got in another ride on blue train in same row about 90 min later and while good it wasn’t the same as the red train ride....we left after that....I got the reminder I needed of why Superman is so good....man that red train ride was superb...... Also seemed like a lot of rides were down at various times today.....Superman and Batman we’re down and Gotham City was too.....Riddler and Joker we’re being problematic too....oddly Goliath was running problem free.....still didn’t ride it lol....... Finally I’d love opinions on what causes Superman to go down......is there a top one or two thing that closes it for hours that’s a common theme to it? Like maybe the lift hill was the problem? IDK.....
  12. Rode cyborg again today and I gotta say I enjoyed it way more the second time around....that little speed kick at the end is tremendous.....and the vertical phase seemed better....I paid attention to cyborg more also....tried to take in the story....I like the ride
  13. ^ya maybe that’s what it is....very squeaky....and a lot of shaking in second half of ride....maybe new trains would help? It can’t be the track right?
  14. Went today in the morning for a few hours....rode Superman on blue train and man - is it me or does that train really scream....I mean it’s loud....especially in the spaghetti bowl section and then through the tunnel it’s deafening....I don’t recall the red train doing that much...IDK....
  15. ^Man it would be great to ride supe in December....would they ever close the stair access and just use the ramps over the Superman tunnel? Kind of a PITA to get to Cyborg but could be done....not sure if they’d be required to maintain double access points using this stairs by CW....the ramps would be easy enough to clear snow and salt for ice....they really need to do this
  16. Anyone have the list of bring a friend days? I cant seem to find it, nor can I remember if there are bring a friend anytime passes. My home park is SF New England.....currently there is a bring a friend for $24.99 any day in June.....we’re gonna take advantage of that tomorrow to bring one of my daughters friends...good deal
  17. What is the actual reason Goliath has been closed so much? Is it one thing or just an S-show of problems keeping it down? We were there last Sunday and it was running but we didn’t ride it.....just watching it go through the boomerang you could see the seats rattling so hard....and when it goes backwards through the boomerang I swear it’s not gonna make it - looks so slow
  18. As much as I want to ride the new ride....it was clear from the beginning it wasn’t gonna top any of the coasters they already have.../
  19. They need to tear down Goliath and Flashback and put something sweet in.....there’s a good chunk of space there if Goliath and Flashback are gone.....
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