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  1. 1 hour ago, Mike240SX said:

    Okay "Ken," it's clear I'm not going to get through to you.  Keep on doing you.  I pity any employee in any business you visit.

    PS - You can easily avoid a 90 minute wait to pick up the watch by getting there at or near opening.

    Maybe - we’ll see when I get there before opening tomorrow - but that’s not the point is it?  It matters that what I pay should match the expectation of services they sell…..and with this change it totally doesn’t……Ken?  That’s not even my name….

  2. On 7/16/2021 at 10:11 PM, tndank said:

    People at other parks have been able to use their season flash pass on their phone.  Must reserve it first by 8am or so.  Often have to log out and back in of the FP website after reserving.  Lots of people at Great America using season FP on their phones.


    So far my search of the SFNE website is hush hush on the topic........I'll have to deal tomorrow morning when I get there.......

  3. On 7/16/2021 at 5:01 PM, Mike240SX said:


    No, I don't support their decision to not offer Flash Pass on the phone for season Flash Pass customers.  Yes, they should offer the same system to every paying customer, I'll agree with you there.

    I don't agree that it has "devalued" what you're paying for.  The system operates exactly as it did when you purchased it.  Now, if they removed rides from the Flash Pass program, then yes, I'd say you have a "devalued" argument.

    Mainly, what I don't agree with is the extreme to which you've taken your upset-ness.  Your mild inconvenience from them not offering season Flash Pass on the phone app does not give you the right to berate, yell at, or otherwise harass a low-paid, young employee of the park, who has literally no control over the situation whatsoever.  Write an e-mail to the GM of the park if it bothers you so much...front-line employees at theme parks don't have any say over how things are done.

    Was I highly annoyed when CF parks decided to keep their smoking zones to outside the park gates post-COVID?  Yes, absolutely.  Did I bitch and moan about it to the employees who scan the tickets/passes on entry?  No, because they have no ability to change things that are corporate-wide or even park-level decisions.

    You also realize that this is Six Flags, and the "decision" to not offer what you're looking for is likely as simple as one of their tech guys forgetting to check a box to enable it, right?  Again, not someone who works at the park and interacts with guests.  Guest Relations might be your only real outlet at the park, since they can take notes that get forwarded on to the park management, but certainly you're a better human being than to "give them an earful."  A casual, friendly, "Hey, it would be nice if..." will get you miles further.

    If the "1972" in your user name refers to your birth year, this is even worse, because a grown-ass adult should not get so bothered by trivial things like this.  I hope you never have to face any actual hardship in your life.

    Except its not a mild inconvenience - is 90 minutes a mild inconvenience to you?.........I pay a lot per month to be able to have the flexibility I want to show up when I want for a few hours and not pay for anything.......I don't want to waste 90 minutes in line to get the wristband when others getting the same thing can just do the whole thing on their phone - its BS......and don't age hate......I pay for the same thing people are now getting while they walk into the park using their phones......its the same damn thing but with improved access now granted to a subset of those buying it........where that didn't exist before......its totally devalued in that those people now have the time I am going to spend securing our wristbands to ride rides - while I will not.......riding rides is the point dude........all that devalues what I am paying for which is why I suggested they discount mine until they get it set up........thats reasonable to ask........

  4. 7 hours ago, Mike240SX said:

    When you bought the season flash pass, presumably you knew how it operated, with picking up the watch.  They then later enabled this phone option.  You're continuing to receive what you knowingly paid for.

    Does it suck? Sure.  Is it reason enough to go on a ranting, cursing tirade, threatening to berate some poor kid who has zero control over what the park chooses to offer it's customers, which may not even be at a local-park control level?  No.

    If you don't like waiting 90 minutes to pick up the watch, get to the park earlier.

    Its literally nothing like that but OK guy.......you're doing it wrong when you don't enable a feature for everyone who is buying that thing........that instantly devalued what I am paying for if I am on the outside looking in......unless they discount or suspend payments on that thing I am buying - which of course they won't.......and thats irritating AF.......they're doing it wrong and you support it - real nice

  5. 1 hour ago, Mike240SX said:

    You've got some anger issues bro.  Take a breath and get your stupid watch.

    No….it’s easy…I pay them money for the season flash pass….I shouldn’t then be boned when I arrive at the park and have to wait 90 minutes to get that flash pass when some shmuck off the road can buy a day flash pass and be ready to go on his phone in 5 minutes…..you have an argument why that’s totally fine?  

  6. 1 minute ago, tndank said:


    Seems to be up and running.  Maybe.


    I’m not convinced….we know they have this up and running for people who buy the one day flash pass…..it’s bullshit they also didn’t boot up the people who pay monthly for the season flash pass to do the same…..that’s what I found out a couple weeks ago when I went…..no reason they couldn’t fire up both at the same time….like you’re collecting my money….why are you fucking me up my ass so hard though….

  7. Pretty terrible visit today…..not impressed with the wait at flash pass office to secure my season flash pass that I pay a lot for every month so we opted to just wait in the infuriating separate line for our skip the line passes and when I asked the guy why my season flash pass isn’t available on the app thing they love to now tout everywhere he said “I know it’s weird - they haven’t added season FP people yet……

    FFS….what a disaster….I said it before - they’re doing something wrong if they have an app for a daily flash pass but just forgot about the season FP holders…..come on…..so we opted for our skip the line passes only without waiting in the 2 hour FP line…..

    Later my kid and his friend got stuck on catwoman after boarding and I happen to be at the exit waiting for them when one of the Leadership Team showed up - after maintenance was called - and I asked her what happens if my kids used skip the line passes to get and now have to get off……she gave us 4 anytime passes for use on any ride the whole season And each gets four people max on a ride….so that was the only bright spot….

    Mostly I’m fine going to SFNE….have a good time usually but the crowds today and the inability of SFNE to manage the crowds especially For customers who pay a lot per Month to not wait around in lines made it a very bad day….

    do better six flags

  8. 23 minutes ago, anonymouscactus said:

    I don't know if you can use it with the season long flash pass, but I definitely used it on Saturday for the day purchase (which I regretted spending $$$ on, the only REALLY GOOD time saver was Superman due to the 1 train), the rest shaved off little to no lines. It worked well, though a lot of the employees had trouble getting the QR code to register and sometimes it took 20-30 seconds for them to finally get it to scan. I really liked it though. Nothing additional to carry around, no line to wait in to pick it up, it was great in that respect.

    They’re doing something wrong if they can’t get it to work regardless if it’s a day purchase or a season long pass…..it’s literally the same system….I mean how can it not be…..

    On a side note I was told last week when we went that they are selling single skip the line passes now for $19.99 a piece…..lol….combined with the separate line they have now for skip the line passes the line to get them now backs up a ways up the hill….so that really sucks if you are a member that needs to pick up your skips and your FP….Tonight I had the kids wait in the STL line whil I waited in the FP line…..I mean I get it….selling single STL passes is another - probably pretty lucrative - revenue stream but you can’t screw already paying members and make them wait in line like that…..they need to modify that….IDK maybe make it all phone based - man that would be genius lol

    On a side note….Supergirl got stuck tonight at the end of the night with a few guests in the one side facing straight down lol…..they slowly lowered it down eventually and got them off…..IDK….we haven’t ridden it yet

  9. Went for 3 hours yesterday and got in 2 TB....1 Panda, and 2 WC.....had a blast for the short time we were there.....

    Interesting on the first WC ride the train almost stalled halfway up the lift hill.....just crawled for about 7 or 8 seconds then it finally went normal the rest of the way up.....anybody have this happen?  I never have and I’ve ridden that thing a bunch of times.....second time didn’t do it

  10. On 3/18/2021 at 4:50 PM, Zand said:

    With the Cali parks announcing their opening days recently, I believe SFNE is the final park yet to announce an opening day. And, naturally, there isn't even a date where their phase of reopening might happen.

    Thankfully things finally seem to be moving a bit quicker on Beacon Hill so I think late April is possible and almost definitely by Memorial Day.

    Classic New England.....whatever.... just get Superman running please..... nothing else matters

  11. On 2/26/2021 at 2:48 PM, mary.pesik said:

    Why can't I go to this park again? I want to get that Batman TDK credit. Would skip The Riddler('s) Revenge, because the Great Nor'Easter at Morey's banged my head around IMO and I wouldn't want to go on another SLC. Goliath will be down, I just know it.

    Riddler is immensely better with the new restraints though.......very comfortable.......its a good ride......

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  12. 19 hours ago, Canobie Coaster said:

    This probably doesn't impact most of us who have Six Flags season passes and memberships, but if you visit on a daily ticket, you have to pay $15 to park.  At least it's less than the usual $20 rate.

    Does this mean memberships will be unpaused automatically by SFNE?  Or are you still able to control that?  I’d rather just pay the park cash to visit and unpause in spring....

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