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  1. Why are so many blaming the launch, especially the LSMs? Aborted launches don't mean the LSMs are faulting. Could be any of dozens of sensors on the ride. A lift doesn't solve sensor issues.
  2. At least 2 were out as they are both on the video. How many did they have? System breakdown? Storm move in faster than expected? Not faster than forecast, but we've all had forecasts off by 20 min or more. And I've seen plenty hit faster than forecast.
  3. So, every operator is responsible for monitoring the weather instead of one person for the location? You feel the same for other amusement rides? The guy at the coaster control panel is supposed to track the weather instead of park operations doing it?
  4. My point was neither Topper nor Ibox feel like a wooden coaster, even if people call them such. It's not just the support structure. TH is what I expect of a woodie. I've ridden plenty rougher. A few a little smoother, but TH is not particularly rough.
  5. Agree. I expect wooden coaster to be like TH not like the modern retracks (or built that way from the start). I like LR, buy it doesn't feel like a woodie. Neither do the retracks like New Texas Giant or Twisted Cyclone. Fun rides, but not the woodie experience.
  6. Don't get me wrong, a ticket beats the long lines. But I expect there will still be lines of those with tickets wanting the best seats.
  7. That gets you "a seat" but not a good seat. Timesaver reserved seats are good seats (though not the best).
  8. I've had good luck with FB messages in the psst, but it's been a few years since I needed them. Messenger, not posts on the page.
  9. It's not the clearest description. plain Timesaver is 10 uses total, but only 2 can be used for LR or DL. Unlimited is unlimited use on all rides with TS queue. (both included unlimited show access)
  10. Just get a strap. I've been surprised at how lax DW is about sunglasses (most aren't properly adjusted). I won't wear mine on ride because I'd gate to have to replace them. Plus they'd smart if they came off and hit someone on a fast coaster (glass lenses)
  11. Sounds like a policy to close problem prone rides instead of then constantly going down. It's just to stop the displeasure of guests. I would hope certain, safety related, faults would cause closure immediately.
  12. Wow. Hard to believe no emergency stop in the modern era. No cameras is one thing, if personnel are able to monitor in person. But neither cameras or people can do much w/o stop. And there were recommendations to add such that went unheeded? That spells trouble (legal trouble).
  13. Right. The 2 big guys they are going after are not the ones signing off on the work. That's why I don't see how these two make much of a case against the others. It does sound like these two were negligent though. Bit fixing the speed control is closer to the proximate cause than what upper management/designers/builders did. Only thing worse was the miss loading of the raft (improper distribution) and it appears it was done in violation of policy/procedures.
  14. Call to be sure, but expect it'd be full price ($85). The discount for DW pass holders isn't much so I doubt other discounts would apply.
  15. Sure, but the comments were implying that those two were specifically instructed to do/not do something. If they acted on their own, the liability falls differently. Big difference in a subordinate not doing as trained/instructed and a supervisor instructing them to do things wrong. Of course how the supervisor handles it when they learn of the error matters too. If Joe on in the maintenance shop makes a mistake that kills someone, the CEO is not likely to be convicted of manslaughter. Joe would be. Possibly his direct supervisor. But not management 4 or 5 levels removed.
  16. No. That's not how rides should be run. Didn't say it should be done that way, just that I can see the thought process (wrong as it is) and external pressures that could lead to not shutting down a big draw like that slide. I can't phantom what would lead them to not repair it after hours.
  17. Were they? What evidence supports that they were specifically told to not reinstall the mat? I don't see where there was a reason not to. Certainly no upside for upper management to direct it not be reinstalled. Simple repair, done after hours. I can maybe see not shutting it down that day, but no reason not to repair overnight/next morning before opening.
  18. Exactly. You just go and take your chances. Odds are it'll be a short storm (30-60) min. Same in Orlando.
  19. Interesting. So maintainers didn't reinstall something. That doesn't bode well for them.
  20. The tropical storm should be gone by then, but what comes in after is hard to guess. Expect typical summer weather, scattered afternoon thunderstorms.
  21. Ugh. How'd that get I there? Most forums I'm on don't do multilevel quotes automatically, so I expected where you were quoted to be stripped when I quoted the post. Corrected.
  22. Since I never buy bottled drinks (season mug instead) I never thought about it.
  23. Not perfect. Still better than the parkway to the south end of Veterans. But I've not seen 66 that bad. haven't been there Rod Run weekend in a few years though. even then I wasn't coming down 66.
  24. I sure take the back way (Veterans off 411 east side of Sevieville instead of the Parkway. Doesn't help with crowd at park but I generally avoid the parkway.
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