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  1. I am glad to see Elitch getting some love. I think the remodel of the kids area with the new rides and theater are a welcomed addition. Plus the new Tantrum will be fun. What I am really looking forward to is the new night time show. If they can improve on Ignight (which was very good until it was reduced do to complaints from residents in the area) from last year, than it should be VERY good. Add in more flowers/landscaping and they are clearly headed in the right direction. Hopefully next year we will see a quality coaster addition with some good theming.

  2. A new alpine coaster has opened in Breckenridge, CO. Here is an article about the new coaster (halfway down the page). I have also found a youtube video of the ride. I hope to get some photos in the next few weeks.




    Youtube -


    This is the second Alpine Coaster in Colorado. The other one is located at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. The Caverns also have one wicked Giant Swing that swings out over the Canyon about 1,300 feet in the air. Check both rides out. http://glenwoodcaverns.com/thrill-rides-in-glenwood-springs.html#swing

  3. I was at Elitch Gardens on Sat. and they have put up a new construction fence back by the flying coaster and the plaza area near it. Large construction equipment is already on site and they have started removing the concrete in the plaza area and have some significant digging taking place. It pretty clear this is more than just removing the Flying Coaster. I will try and get pics up next week.


    So what is it? A lot of talk is either for a Eurofighter type ride or a large family coaster.

    Anyone know more?

  4. WOW this place looks awesome! I LOVE water parks so much! Wish we had huge water parks like that here in MD. No, we are stuck with Six Flags America small water park with blah rides.


    It really is a great waterpark. I have been to Disney waterparks, Splash'n Safari, and many others. But, this park really is top notch. You could easily spend a day and half or two without any problems.

  5. Not sure you knew this, but the cable car/tram system came from right here in Las Vegas. It was originally built with Grand Slam Canyon (now The Adventurdome). Seems like the only difference now is that they've removed the glass from the cars.


    Thanks for the info. The cable car system always seemed very business and a good way to get up the hill from one side of the park to the other.

  6. This place does look great. Thank you very much for sharing your photos. There looks to be a lot of things to do, and the place looked absolutely dead! When did you visit?


    They also use RFID bands and cards at this place, correct?


    It was a weekday and I took most of the pics when the park was closing. It was a lot business earlier in the day. With that said, the crowds were nothing like a weekend or holiday time. I know around the 4th they hit 11,000 on one of the days. That is a lot for a waterpark.


    RFID bands. Yes, I believe so.

  7. One of North America's largest water parks. This place is huge. Dozens of Slides, a Skyride, themed indoor slides, two wave pools, two lazy rivers, and 3 kids areas. The 3 big slides (Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Storm, Lost River of the Phoroahs) put this park into a unique catagory, are all indoors and very well themed. If you are in the Denver area this park is worth the visit.


    All important park map.


    Entry Village.





    Wave pools.







    The big three. Not a lot of photos since the slides are all indoors.





    And last but not least, a huge amount of slides and other attractions.













    Thanks for looking.

  8. Thanks for the pics. The park does look nice with all the new paint. I also agree that LaserRocks is a really good show. It may be the best night show I have seen at any season theme park. Hopefully next year the park will add a new ride to add to all the other improvements they have done over the last few years.

  9. Very cool! Thanks for the photos.. It looks pretty small - does it get busy in the Summer or is it mostly a family tradition in the area to come at Christmas?


    From my understanding, it stays fairly busy in the summer time. They have annual passes and it captures a lot of the Pikes Peak tourist crowd, which is the most visited mountain in the US.

  10. Wow I can't believe that place is still in operation. We almost went there about 15 years ago when I was a kid, but we decided not to go because my parents aren't really amusement park people. That's nice to see that it has that charm that you don't typically see in parks anymore.


    It been around since 1956. What was cool about the park is you felt like you really had went back in time.

  11. Great Photos! Curious Is that park only open in the winter?


    No, the park opens in May and remains open until the end of December. To bad more American parks don't stay open longer. This park is about 7,000 to 8,000 feet up and still manages to successfully stay open through early winter. I might add, the park was packed the day we were there.

  12. In December my family and I visited Santa's North Pole Workshop (the park is open until the end of the year). The park is located just outside Colorado Springs on a mountain side along the roadway that goes to the top of Pikes Peak. The park is family owned and is very clean and well maintained. I felt like we had stepped back in time, to an era of small roadside parks. The park also gave me a chance to grab a rare coaster credit with their Candy Cane kids coaster. Hope you enjoy the pics.


    Entrance Sign


    Our Crew


    Main shopping and dining area with a boy's toyshop and a girl's toyshop




    No visit to the North Pole is complete without a visit with Santa












    Candy Cane Coaster




    One really fun slide




  13. Misleading rumors have surfaced that PARC Management, LLC (“PARC”) would like to dispel. Six Flags has not brought legal action against PARC for the return of the parks purchased by PARC from Six Flags in April 2007. PARC and Six Flags have had an ongoing dispute regarding the language of one of the agreements made between them as part of the 2007 purchase. This dispute involves the interpretation of a promissory note in which Six Flags alleges the language provides for non-scheduled principal pre-payments. Early last year PARC filed suit against Six Flags asking the court to declare the language does not provide for non-scheduled principal pre-payments. This action was “stayed” when Six Flags filed Bankruptcy (meaning that PARC could not proceed in its legal action without Bankruptcy Court approval). Very recently, Six Flags filed in its Bankruptcy proceeding a claim based on this year-old dispute. You should know that Six Flags has not sought, has no right to recover and has no security interest in any of its former properties. Six Flags has not requested any relief other than financial recovery for the alleged non-scheduled principal prepayments. In fact, PARC has upheld its obligations under its agreements with Six Flags and will continue to do so. Most importantly, PARC is looking ahead to the 2010 season with many new events planned for its 25 theme parks and family entertainment centers across the United States and Canada.


    Hope PARC management can move the parks forward with quality development. Things are tight for most in the industry, but things must be very tight for PARC since they appear to not be adding any new rides at any of their parks this year. I could be wrong but I don't think they added any new rides last year either (except at Wild Waves).

  14. Screamscape has summed up what seems t be another interesting (yet lengthy) chapter in the Six Flags story. PARC Management, the company that bought several of the former Six Flags parks seems to have missed its payment window, neglected to pay the late fees and has completely ignored its required annual payment. Six Flags has now filed a claim that, if approved, could return control of those properties back to Six Flags.




    It’s kind of a long read and I gave up myself part-way through, but Six Flags has filed a claim against PARC Management for unpaid funds related to the sale of several former Six Flags properties. So far it looks like there are disagreements over PARC refusing to pay certain penalty fees owed to Six Flags from a previous late payment as well as a non-payment of a $1.7 million annual payment due at the start of the year. In short… unless PARC pays up, Six Flags is seeking to take back control of the former properties sold to PARC Management including Darien Lake, Elitch Gardens, Frontier City and more. Anyone with a legal background want to skim through it and give us an easy to understand breakdown?


    The entire claim can be found online here: http://www.kccllc.net/documents/8812019/8812019100108000000000008.pdf


    This could be interesting. It no secret that PARC is having financial problems and is not investing in the parks much. If Six Flags can get it financials in order and invest in their parks more in the future, it could be a postive for Elitch, Darien and others. I also like Six Flags new approach to more themed rides and family attractions.

  15. Those are great pictures.


    I was there last weekend...the ride is running now and they changed it a little. It now no longer drenches you at the end.


    So I might actually ride it again. The line seems faster too...don't know if it is because they have more rafts or what, but I'm not complaining.


    Saw the half pipe running briefly during the day I was there...but broke down almost immediately again. Rainbow was still broken down and so was the Top Spin, Thunderbolt, and Chaos. The Observation tower was closed (I assume) due to weather, but then, it's always closed. Everything else was working though, and I had a good time. Lots of rain this year = a green green Elitches.


    I was told by Guest Relations that the Observation tower will not open this year. Thunderbolt, Chaos and the Rainbow have not open so far this year as well. With that said, I have enjoyed all my visit to Elitch this year and hope next year will bring a new coaster or ride. Make sure to check out the Survivor Live show, its actually pretty good.

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