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  1. Really good point. Whether you count your credits or not, I think most people feel a certain pressure on first visits. But second+ visits are so much more relaxing. And to OP's point, I can relate to the extent that I still count and keep a log, and I have a desire to go to every park in the US with a ride worth riding. Sometimes I even want to go somewhere just to say I've been, if only to myself. But where I depart, is I always try to have fun and maintain a positive attitude. I try to enjoy every ride for what it is, and never expect too much from any ride.
  2. Really nice report! I went to USF for the first time this past Tuesday. I rarely go to Disney or Universal parks, and I was so completely blown away by the crowd management, customer service, operations, and interesting queues that were both stimulating and clever ways to manage crowds. The park was definitely filled with people, but I'm guessing it wasn't a very busy day for this park. I was just with 1 other person, so we used the single rider lines and walked onto the rides all day. We got stuck on on the block right behind the right side of the Gringotts station for 10 or so minutes. The ride systems seamlessly switched to left side station operations, and continued running. When they got the right side moving again, everyone on my train received one complimentary express pass and an apology (for lost time), and then the ride continued full operations. I'm simply not used to this level of competence.
  3. Maybe. But I don't see how that's a bad thing in any way. We get to benefit from it! I honestly wish B&M would "copy," and be influenced by RMC designs too! Besides, even if the elements are similar or the same, they feel completely different between manufacturers. The trains, track, seats, restraints, angles, etc. are all different and make for a distinct difference.
  4. The quad launcher that's going to Parc Asterix looks sooooo good. The elements and ride systems are so modern and inventive. I'm sure I'll make it out to Europe to ride these eventually, but I hope the US starts seeing some more Intamins like these in the future!
  5. In the beginning stages of planning a pretty ambitious trip for next summer that will include these parks: SFGAm Indiana Beach Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World SFStl Silver Dollar City Worlds of Fun Adventureland Mt Olympus Little Amerricka
  6. If girls you're into don't love and accept your coaster enthusiasm, then they're not right for you! Otherwise, good report.
  7. This is my understand of how it should work. So it should always duel. Unless you're on the very first train of the day, in that case, you only get half a duel. Hopefully it does work this way. I think WCR looks awesome, and I can't wait to get back out there.
  8. 6. See pic. I think it's still an open question. Yeah the little diagram there shows 6, and that may be accurate. But the animation shows 8, and the picture shows 7. Most floorless trains have 7 or 8. Apocalypse currently has 7, and I think there's only one B&M floorless in the world with 6 car trains. Patriot, which is comparable, got 7 car trains. I think 6 car trains would be better because they should help keep a good pace during the second half of the ride.
  9. Who knows. I think if SFGA doesn't get a coaster, then SFA likely will. I took my final stand today, and I just don't see this coaster being good even as a floorless. But if they get rid of it, there are certainly things that Six Flags could do that I would like less than a conversion. I'm prepared for disappointment lol Took some photos I like though...
  10. Ask me again tomorrow, and it'll change. But I typically favor the wild, rerideable, super intense coasters. So Intamin and RMC dominate the list. Italicized ones that are new for me this year. Steel Vengeance I305 Twisted Colossus Skyrush Twisted Timbers Maverick Superman The Ride Montu Diamondback New Texas Giant Millennium Force -- Voyage Toro Boulder Dash Mystic TImbers Ravine Flyer II Thunderhead Ghostider Lightning Racer Shivering Timbers WIld One
  11. I live 30min from SFA, and 90mins from KD (when the traffic is good, which is like never). I've been to SFA twice this season, and KD 8 times. But yeah, just get both. A SF season pass is like 25% the cost of a platinum pass.
  12. I just want to go on record that I agree with you. I'm not bold enough to predict what will go in its place, if anything. But I'd like to be delusional for a minute and make these points. 1. If it was simply going to be converted, why close it almost four months before the end of the season? 2. They're closing it early to remove it, and clear the land for a potential project. 3. Six Flags has been adding 2-3 new coasters every year. 4. SFMM is the only park in the chain we know is getting a new coaster at this point in time 5. So by simple process of elimination...
  13. It says MORE than 1.6 million... Maybe they just wanted to be really, really, really, really conservative.
  14. Here's the press release... https://www.sixflags.com/america/newsroom/apocalypse-ends-six-flags-america
  15. I like it - it definitely looks like the best North American dive machine. There's even a couple spots that maybe-might-but-probably-won't have some genuine air time. The MCBR to the end of the ride reminds me a lot of Gatekeeper's final stretch, and it is what it is.
  16. Gotta respect them running everything, even in moderate rain. On my last visit in June, it was raining half the day, and they never closed anything. This is the only time I'll have say this: Thankfully there were actually a few groups in the park that day, because if it wasn't for them, there would have maybe been 100 other guests total.
  17. Was at the park today for the first time in 14 years... Had a great time outside of being drenched in sweat all day. The red, white and blue lights do indeed look great.
  18. I like your style. And I'm glad you enjoyed my "active participation" line re Skyrush. My thoughts totally align with yours on it. Great pics too.
  19. That's true about Rodeo. I have fond memories of it from years ago. And nothing at SFA is going to be even close to the best of its kind, but that doesn't mean it's not notable for someone who is only going to SFA once.
  20. I think there are 3 notable flats: Rodeo, Wonder Woman, and the drop tower. Rodeo is a Huss Break Dance, and it provides some unique sensations.
  21. Four hours is more than enough time. I would just walk to the back of the park first, ride Batwing, and work your way back. You don't have to worry about lines on a Tuesday. Check out both the back and front on Superman. On Wild One, make sure not to sit on a wheel seat, my favorite is the second to last row.
  22. My first thought was the fireworks too. In any case, I'd bet it'll be running by September.
  23. Shout out for the bumper cars too! There's nothing special about them, other than you can reride over and over. But it helped us get our $10's worth.
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