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  1. Looks like Lightning Rod was open today (Friday, 9/17/21). Is it possible it's only down during the Monday/Wednesday operating days for right now?
  2. Well Dragster was testing this morning so there goes that theory. [attachment=0]dragster.jpg[/attachment] Seems like CP found some magic in their Intamin. Lol
  3. This is super disappointing. No Storm Runner at Hershey and now no Ka? Sounds like anything related to an Accelerator model is not opening this year. Womp
  4. I'm definitely really excited to visit for the first time, and yeah I'm very bummed Storm Runner won't be open. However, I really am excited for Skyrush, Candymonium, and the other highlights there. Since I have to come back to the area at some point for Dorney and Jersey Devil at SFGAdv, I will definitely be back to get Storm Runner and anything else that's closed.
  5. According to their Instagram page in some of the comments they said due to the delays caused by COVID-19 they weren't able to perform their maintenance necessary to open it for the season. Something like that. Really unfortunate!
  6. I made a reservation for 2 days and it's just for the day. No specific time.
  7. Not that there is any need whatsoever for it, but is Flash Pass even being offered at this time? I would assume not, but just curious.
  8. Anyone have a hunch when they could open/announce their opening following this news?
  9. Silver Dollar City still did this last year when I went, but not sure if they canceled it this year cause of the reservation stuff.
  10. Hmm thanks for the input! I guess I'll just have to tough it out and develop a way to "fight" it as you say! I'll try sitting forward a little more with my head and just fight the pressure of the push back. Works on Viper! But, X2 is a different animal for sure! Thanks!
  11. Hey all. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but it was hard to search for something related in this thread. So I'm a fair newbie to X2 at Six Flags. Always was terrifed of it, but now it's probably my favorite coaster there along with Tatsu. Only problem is with X2 the last couple of times I've banged my head really really hard near the end of the ride on the raven turn and the loop before. Any tips to prevent this or alleviate how hard I'm getting slammed into the head rest? I know sitting on the inside is supposed to help and at the front of the train, but I still had that problem. I've alleviated the infamous Viper by leaning forward, but should I maybe try the opposite with X2 in forcing my head back into the head rest?
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