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  1. You could say this deal is a roller coaster. I think we could all use a good joke after this news even if that was a terrible dad joke.
  2. Just curious, does anyone think it's possible that Cedar Fair will buy the KC Schlitterbahn and relocate all the watersides from there to Worlds of Fun since it's so close.
  3. I saw pictures of the new Guardians of the Galaxy coaster and saw it was being built by Vekoma. This led me to the question of why does Disney like to use Vekoma for coasters. I think Intamin or maybe S&S would've been a better choice for Rock n' Roller Coaster. Even Seven Darfs Mine Train was built by Vekoma. The only ride I don't argue with is Expedition Everest because they did a fabulous job on that ride. I also looked up who built big thunder mountain and saw that a company named dynamic structures built it, but they seem to not build coasters, does anyone know why Disney chose them.
  4. At the beginning of this video there's talk about teasing at Cedar Point for a possible new coaster at WOF. Do you think that we may actually see a new coaster or could this not even be for WOF. The teasing also has the numbers 125 and six if you think that means anything.
  5. I wouldn't get to excited about it. I don't think they'll put a ride there since the stage is right next to it. I don't even think it'll be a haunted house since there's the Blood Shed (Macdonalds slaughter house) next to it but who knows, the haunt season is their most busiest time of year. Maybe if we're all good boys and girls this year, we can get really lucky and get a new restaurant
  6. I just got back from a vacation in Branson and had a 3 day pass to Silver Dollar City. I was at the park June 25th - 27th and the first day was a full day and last two were half days. This was my 3rd time to the park and it has been 5 years since I went last. I'm probably going to write a lot so I subdivided it. Time Traveler An amazing ride with great scenery. I got to ride this 4 times. At first I thought each seat was about the same because of the length of the trains and the fact that the cars spin but then I got a ride in row 8 (the back) and was surprised. When you leave the station you will get ejector airtime into the 90 degree drop while going backwards and really makes for the best element in the ride. The two launches aren't the most forces but are better than a chain lift. I liked the scenery but I thought there could be some saws or scrap wood in the que since you're in a wood shop, though this may have made it a bit less steampunk. I was only in line 5 times for this ride and I still can't get the music or the ticking sound out of my head. I can't decide though if this is better than Powder Keg or not. Maintenance problems I had a huge problem with maintenance when I was visiting Silver Dollar City. I was told by one of the workers that there was a lightning storm the day before I came and that was part of the problem. The first day I was there I showed up at Time Traveler about 15 minutes after opening to find that the ride had broken down the second I got there. I went ahead and waited for the 2 hours the ride was broken down because I figured the line is usually longer anyways. When the ride opened I got on the 2nd or 3rd train and was on my way. I got back in line quickly after, then waited another 45 minutes and got 2 trains away in line but then the ride broke down again. This time I was a little mad. I rode some other rides and made my way to outlaw run to find that it was closed and wouldn't open for the rest of the day. I went back to Time Traveler later and had it close again. Time Traveler opened up later but with 1 train. That was the first day. The second day started off better, Time Traveler was still running one train but was open. I didn't have a problem until I went to Powder Keg where they had 1 train running. I got about half way thru the line before they added a second train. This was fine and dandy but they did 1 test run with 2 trains then took the train back off and retested the original train. I left and came back later to Powder Keg and it was closed. Outlaw Run was open all day that day. And the third day I had no problems. There were 2 trains back on Time Traveler and it wasn't breaking down. There were 2 trains on Powder Keg. Outlaw Run was open with 1 train but no line. White Water The water park was alright. It was small... that's my only complaint. I was at White Water for an hour and was able to do most of the rides. Part of my group was there for half a day and did everything twice or for some rides three times. The lines for the water slides were nice and short except for a few. They did let me bring in my Silver Dollar City cup. The location is right next to the strip which is a bonus but they're landlocked and didn't have much room from the start. Pros Silver Dollar City overall is a nice park. They have something for everybody here. The scenery is amazing, I loved how the park map was a newspaper. All of the workers are nice and I created a friendship with a few of them. The location is really nice and is great for setting the mood. There are great coasters at this park. Operations seemed fast. Overall very professional. Cons IDK if I went on a busy day but the paths were packed but ride times were short. There is a lack of flat rides here, I didn't notice this the first day but I started to the second day and started to get bored the third day. The coasters are great but then there's shows and little kid rides left. I'm not the biggest fan of shows and I'm not going to ride the kiddy rides so there's not much left for a coaster enthusiast. The park has some hills (mainly hill street) which I didn't mind but some people in my group did. The app was awful. It's bad at telling you if a rides open or broke down, it's also awful at telling real ride times, but if you're using it for a map it's great. I thought Wildfire wasn't that great, especially with all the other coasters in the park. I wouldn't mind seeing it turned into a new section of the park with some flat rides. I know I wrote a lot more Cons then Pros but believe me this is a great park and you should definitely visit it if in the area.
  7. OMG, I think I saw that guy last year. Were they like gold or silver short shorts? yes
  8. This is going to be random but there's this guy I see EVERY time I go to WOF, and I'm curious if you guys know who he his. He's looks over 6 foot, I think he's ginger but I forget, but what makes him stand out the most, is he wears short shorts. My family has seen him so many times that we've started calling him shorts guy. Anyways I'm curious if you guys have seen him or if you know if he's a manager of some sort or what. He's just a strange guy and I see him every time I go.
  9. I went to WOF yesterday and here's what it was like. It was a nice 80 degrees all day and it was a Saturday so WOF was busy and OOF had almost no one. I personally couldn't tell a difference in the dispatch time but the lines did seem to be oddly short for how many people were there. The topiary's were beautiful, especially the giraffe. The clock was a nice but it took me half of the day to find it (and yes I did manage to walk by it a few times without seeing it). I got to ride Timber Wolf 3 times and it was so smooth that I'd say it is smoother than Prowler, which is something I never thought I'd say. The new turn is alright but it is much better than what was previously there. Going back to Prowler I got 2 rides on it, one in the morning and one at night. The night ride was smother but the morning ride was terrible. The new paint job on Eli was amazing but I did like the vintage look of Eli and also the color they picked makes it look like Eli is a John Deere tractor. I got to ride Nordic Chasers and it sucked, I'm sorry but it was awful to me. I loved Finish Fling and I sad to see it go and ever since then I already didn't like what ever was coming and now I'm even more sad that it's not the funnest ride. I looked inside deja vu and found a t-shirt that said Finish Fling 1973-2017 with a picture of the ride. I would've gotten it but it was $25. I looked everywhere I could and found nothing that says new ride, I can be a bit blind when looking for things like this though. Overall my visit was ok, it's about what I'd expect but personally I won't be going back until they get a good new ride even though this is my home park, just because not very much has changed since Prowler and it's only gotten more boring over time. Those are my thoughts though.
  10. Funny story with my friend Friend: If you want a girlfriend then you should stop talking about coasters Me: Don't make me pick between roller coasters and a girlfriend because you know who's going to win that
  11. If WOF does get a new coaster then it better be good for waiting 10 years.
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