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  1. Please feel free to post as much as you possibly want on this thread, all advice is welcomed and needed! I've just checked out Ocean City - definitely prefer this location to Virginia Beach, it's 100% more our scene and the bar sounds incredible. A day of fairground rides, arcades and games of pool while getting merry is utter perfection on a rest day. I think a day & night here before the drive to SFGAdv will be perfect. The drive across the bridge also looks quite unique and will be a nice change of scene. Empire State at night could be an excellent shout, I think i've convinced
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the info, so much to digest! I certainly came to the right place for some advice I definitely think we'll be dropping the car off for those last two / three days to save pennies, just looking to see what will be the best way round to do things - e.g drop off car and head to Coney Island or leave CI til the last day when we fly back at 10pm? The NY portion of the trip I've honestly done zero research into as I always intended to do a separate NY holiday with a road trip towards Chicago taking in some North East parks and figured we'd spend a good 4/5 days
  3. Thanks for the tips re: staying on site. I would love to do that and it's always a dream for me to stay on site at parks (Only managed it once before at Efteling) but worried that it might take us a fair bit over budget and as we're trying to get round everything without a fast pass I don't think we'll have too much time for breaks... If we do we can surely go to the waterpark next door? (He does love a sunbathe - although I'm unsure on weather in Ohio in early June!) I will have a look into it though when they release the rates as I think our platinum passes will get us a slight di
  4. Hi Coasterbill, Thanks for your reply - some super useful stuff in there, always good to get insider knowledge. I've booked the Cedar Express hotel already but on a free cancellation basis so will review the prices of others nearer the time to see if it makes sense to ditch, looking to try and save $$$ on the hotels seeing as flights and parks are easily putting this at the £2000 mark already. (We have brexit to thank for the dire exchange rate too) I've toyed like hell with the idea of adding in Holiday Park, SF Georgia, and SFGAm and it definitely seems as though Holiday Park a
  5. Hi TPR Forum, This is my first post but I've been a long time reader and have used the site frequently when planing previous trips throughout Europe and Florida and California trips in 2012 / 2015. Thanks for being an amazing resource! (I'm UK based so don't get to do big stateside trips as often as I would like.) 2018 is fast approaching and so to is my 30th birthday in June. As such I've decided to go and book flights to the US for a 3 week trip starting at Cedar Point on June 5th and finishing in NY on the 24th. I'm going with my long suffering bf who desperately longs for a
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