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  1. I’m a ride op at Legoland Cali which has led me to be pretty familiar with Legos! I recently went to Disneyland for the first time post covid and got to experience Rise of the Resistance for the first time ever, and that’s a whole story for another time. Anyway I thought I’d have some fun and make a model of the trackless ride vehicle using what I had at home (trust me it could’ve been a lot better if I had the whole park to my disposal, but I’m making this on my off day of work haha). I gave it three sets of wheels so it moved pretty smoothly, partially obscured by a layer of bricks to give it more of the trackless feel. Anyway this was just a fun little project so I hope you enjoy! (Also helps to have a lego AT-AT lying around!)
  2. Current release date is January 11, 2019. Yet it’s on Spotify as of today! I’m listening to it as I type this and the best word I have to describe it is ingenious! It’s funny, touching, and dangerously catchy. Definitely worth a listen!
  3. I’m pretty late with this, but I did see the touring production of Wicked a few weeks ago, and it was something to remember! With Jackie Burns and Kara Lindsay playing Elphaba and Glinda respectively, it was quite the spectacle! Kara Lindsay was absolutly historical with her unique take on Glinda, and Jackie Burns had everything to make the transformation from young, almost naive Elphaba to strong, passionate Elphaba. I did stagedoor afterwords, getting to meet both the witches, something I couldn’t believe was happening until after the fact . Anyway, if the show comes near you, I would 10/10 recommend going to see it! Classic Playbill-before-the-show picture Kara Lindsay is the sweetest! And I was quite starstuck as seen here And the same with Jackie Burns! She listened the whole time I was geeking out over the show And of course the signed Playbills!
  4. Just finished a run of Sound of Music as Rolf and understudying Max (were a children's theater so we cast very young lol). Forgot how much I loved that show, and of course all the adorable children in the production quickly became my new favorite people. It's always hard to close a show, but I've got auditions for my high school production of A Chorus Line in a few weeks, so at least I have that to look forward to. On as Max with these lovely people!
  5. A while back I purchased tickets for Wicked for when it comes to San Diego, little did I know the bit of news that came about a week ago. if you haven't heard yet Broadway's Kara Lindsay (Wicked, Newsies, Beautiful), Jackie Burns (Wicked, If/Then, Hair), and Mike Wartella (Wicked, Tuck Everlasting, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) are going to be reprising their Broadway roles as Glinda, Elphaba, and Boq (respectively), starting with the run in San Diego and continuing on for an unknown amount of time. Keep your eyes out to see if this show is coming near you (God, I sound like an advertiser eek ) cause I know I'm excited! https://www.broadway.com/buzz/193622/thank-goodness-broadway-faves-jackie-burns-kara-lindsay-will-return-to-the-national-tour-of-wicked/
  6. Screamscape I guess that could mean the announcement is in two days, but I'm not getting my hopes up (I mean you never know with Screamscape). It could just be a nod to the 16th-National Roller Coaster Day-then again, that would be the perfect day for an announcement.
  7. Yes, I'm ready for everything to be pumpkin flavored Do you prefer Google Docs over Microsoft Word
  8. Yes, Magic Mountain is my home park Have you ever randomly met up with someone you hadn't seen in years?
  9. 5/10 kinda interesting but weird with the 3-d Alton Towers
  10. I went up to the park on Monday with some friends who had never gone, and I noticed something about Goliath. It's been a tradition for me to wait it out for front row every time, ever since my brother took me on it for the first time, and one of my friends decided to wait with me, while the rest banked for a middle seat. My friend and I came off having a much bigger reaction then the rest of our friends, and I was wondering, for anyone who has done both front seat and middle/back seats if there really is a big difference between the ride experience.
  11. ahhhhh you have a point They'll have time to fix it up before Broadway though, I'm still see a bright future for the show!
  12. So excited to see Aaron Tveit back on Broadway, it looks amazing!
  13. Don't forget to catch Bandstand at a local movie theater June 25 and 28. I've loved this show for a while and I'm psyched to finally be able to see it. I'll drop the link down here. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/bandstand For those of you who saw Newsies in theaters, it'll be similar to that.
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