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  1. By this picture, it looks like the people are just fine with the first spike. And it looks like the lap bars are a good 5 inches away from your stomach. Plus since there is no airtime on boomerangs, your low body doesn't shake as much as your head. And maybe the wheels wont be an inch away from the track...because that alone will make the ride smoother.
  2. Dude, you should hit up the Wisconsin State Fair on the way up to the Dells
  3. I got 7/10. Some of those questions were tough with the names.
  4. It was moved into the games because the mods think this is just a joke. No offense to the creator but if everyone did this, it would just be chaos. I mean, there would be hundreds of topics like this. And it is pointless to make up crazy rumors and "ideas".
  5. By that picture. It looks like it is a tad too small. Because if a tall person would stick up there hands it might cause a injury
  6. In middle school, relationships are nothing. They are more like "I like you a lot..but not sexually". And in high school, you go for who you think is hot over personality. And be honest, sex comes first to personality for many guys. So kissing/making out is different when you focus on sex appeal vs just liking someone. In middle school you kiss because you feel like you have to. In High School and when your older, its more because you love each other so much. And for many guys...want to get rid of there "v-card" 8)
  7. Mine was when I went to SFGAm during 8th grade and me and my girlfriend, at the time, made out on American Eagles Lift during sunset. And let me tell you making out in 8th grade vs High School is TOTALY different.
  8. I had the same problem to and this was just going to the Dells and SFGAm...which is only a hour drive for both. When I first told my sister about this site she was like, "there going to kidnap you and you don't even know who these weirdos are". And when I got my first DVD, in 2005, and they were really pissed and thought it was a waste of money. So I sent in the money and just hid them and said that I sent them back. But a week later I was watching it and my parents looked at me as if I were watching porn. But after 5 mins they thought the DVDs were funny and fun to watch. Ever since the
  9. The best luck I have at that park is on Fridays before mid July-mid august. Wednesdays are also one of the better times to go. The busiest days that I have experienced there was Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays.
  10. Yeah that's SFGAm for you But when you saw the line out of the que, did you look to see if all the overflow was filled up? Because Raging Bull, even when out of the que, is no longer then 1.5 hours...sometimes faster. But yeah, always check to see if overflow is filled. Because if the line is out of the que, but only half of overflow is fill, the line may be only 30 mins. You were also lucky that you only had to wait 5 mins for American Eagle. Because on a Saturday it should have been more like 1 hour.
  11. I would not want to work there. I am a lifeguard at a pool and a lake and I know how hard it is to jump of guard chairs. And if you had to jump from your stand into that pool, it wouldn't be like jumping into 7ft of water. The water it only knee deep and the stands are probably 10ft up from the water.....that may be a problem in the future
  12. Are these records just based of time? IMO, it just be time and circuits. That way it is a little more fair for competitors.
  13. I heard that SFGAm is getting a new ride called "tumbleweed" in place of trail blazer. It will be a 4D....or a Zipper
  14. For the last 6 years, I have been getting fireworks and lighting them off. And for the last three, I have been buying the shells, and tubes for more fun. There are basically the real thing, like the same ones you seem in firework shows but just a little smaller. Last night, a cop came to our house and we had to hide until he left. Apparently the neighbors called
  15. When I first saw that, the first thing that popped in my mind was that chick from "Jackass Number Two". The 'magic trick' was when some 800+ pound girl jumped on wee-man and covered his entire body.
  16. You should have ridden American Eagle Red. The red side is a lot better and has amazing airtime in the front seat. The blue side is rough and has minimal airtime, just floater. SFGAm is really good at capacity. It seems like they will always have 2 trains on Raging Bull and Whizzer. Also, I really like the DeJa Vu spiel..."Are you ready to fly high, loop and twist with nothing under you but the sky"..."then you have to do it all backwards".
  17. All depends on what day you go. If you go on a weekday, expect 10-30 min waits at the least. If you go on a weekend, you can expect 30+ for many rides. You are better of going on the low capacity rides first. I like going on Raging Cajun, B:TR, and V2 first. Doing that will save you a lot of time. And if you are a fast runner, you can get re rides for those rides. Then go to American Eagle, if low lines, ride both sides or do re rides. Then do Demon, Whizzer, DeJa Vu if open. Then do Raging Bull and Viper because those lines are usually always the same. And if you must do Superm
  18. IMO, this thread will be sort of pointless. Because not everyone has been to ALL of the SF parks so it wont be a honest answer. But out of the ones Ive been to, Ill go with SFGAdv, SFOT, and my home park SFGAm.
  19. It wasn't bad at all really! You had nice heartlining and a good layout. The only things that weren't so good was the jerkyness which takes practice to fix. And then you had some hard Red G's.
  20. "Stranger Then Fiction" already has that same theme..... Like Oh My God someone is controlling us! How do we make him stop! I think it would be better if it was like some random kid that was playing the game and he had no idea is was affecting peoples lives.
  21. how is that testing them? 1. There obviously not a rule. 2. The Ops will see the camera. 3. If there is a rule they will tell him to put it away. 4. He is not sneaking a camera on so he isnt breaking any rules -or- testing the Ops. Although, if you are able to bring it on without problems...you proabaly can ask and still film.
  22. Ive kind of had the same sort of thing when I rode in opening year for my first time. Me and my dad were at the entrance since 6 AM and we didn't really eat anything from then until about 10:45 (which was when we got on). And I remember blacking out on the first drop and not being able to see until the turn before the first tunnel. I then rode it later after lunch and didn't black out. I don't know if eating had anything to do with it, but I think it would help you.
  23. That was really scary. Like mentioned from other people, it was the first time my heart actually raced from watching a movie. The part when the music stopped and all you heard we the people yelling gave me the chills. Just imagine the people that were in the cage that stopped in the fire. The ops were really smart in letting the people out of the ride. And because of them, no one was killed. Now that I think about it, canie ride Ops are some pretty brave people. Also, is it just me or did it look like the fire stopped for a second then got really big?
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