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  1. Thorpe and Universal Japan have both announced that there will be a forwards and backwards option on their coasters. Japan will run one train forwards, one backwards, and Swarm will have some rows forwards, some backwards. Hopefully we can get details soon on what Batman will exactly be doing.


    At No Coaster Con, the park confirmed all 7 rows on both trains will be running backwards.

  2. My guess is that you are at the Melbourne airport in hopes of visiting Dreamworld.




    The airport even has a McDonalds!




    The Hilton is right there are the airport! So convenient!




    There must be a Superman: Escape from Krypton photo to show that you are going to ride Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld? I think so!

  3. These track pieces have invert or flyer written all over them!! I think Magic Mountain can be ruled out as this is super early, the are currently constructing a coaster, and they pretty much have any of the types of B&Ms that these track pieces could be used for. Altons Towers can be ruled out because I am pretty sure we would know about it as it would need approval. Also, isn't there concept photos of a possible layout of their proposed coaster anyways?(Which btw show no indication of a B&M.) And to boot, they already have a flyer and invert. I'm really not sure where this coaster could be going, however, it could very well be a Cedar Fair ride. Maverick at CP arrived super early with construction starting early as well. CP or Cedar Fair could possibly be jumpstarting construction early.


    So my unofficial vote goes to a Cedar Point of Cedar Fair project.

  4. The Q-bot is amazing!


    When I have used the Gold at Raging Bull at Sfgam, I'd have my ride validated, then reserve it again. Once I got off the ride the first time, it was already time for my second ride. This is with a one hour line to boot. This system isn't something most visitors will buy. It is at a premium for a reason. They know people will buy it at this price. It's a perk. It's a ride vip tour without the guide.


    I support the system a lot. Give it a chance. I do agree that the prices are high and I probably wouldn't want to pay that much, but after a fun day at the park, I probably wouldn't say I "wasted" my money.

  5. Wait a second, did I read that right, 25 $ for parking? are you F***ING Serious ! wow.


    $25 is for preffered parking. $15 is for value parking.


    Actually $25.00 is for general parking and $15.00 is for value parking.

    There is no more preferred parking.


    True. However, general parking is basically preffered parking this season. Just renamed.

  6. The park was the first Six Flags park to use the new The Flash Pass system in which you purchase the pass in the sales center next to Grand Music Hall and are able to reserve your ride from the device. Next Saturday shouldn't be too busy in my opinion to necessitate the use of The Flash Pass. However, if it gets busy, it is a good option.


    Weather. If winds exceed 30mph, many rides will close. These will include Raging Bull, Giant Drop, and many flats. If the wind gets even greater, even more coasters will close like Superman: Ultimate Flight.


    If there is lighting in the area, all coasters and many of the taller flats will close. Rain. It seems that Whizzer, Ragin Cajun, and Spacely's Sprocket Rockets are the first to go down for any rain. Then if the rain picks up, the rest of the coasters will go down.


    Hope that helps!

  7. Wait a second, did I read that right, 25 $ for parking? are you F***ING Serious ! wow.


    $25 is for preffered parking. $15 is for value parking.


    Last years preffered parking price was $30. Thus a $5 decrease. The only other difference this season is the fact that preffered/season pass parking is the entire front lot and the value parking is the backlot. There might have been complaints that the differences between preferred and regular parking were not that much different and this creates a larger buffer zone and gives better value for preffered parking.


    So in reality, prices if anything have actually decreased. Walking has increased for those who choose value parking. The park has added clearer designated walkways from the backlot all the way up to the admissions area.


    Something I would like to commend the park on how well the smoking policy is being followed. I only saw 2 instances of people smoking and literally less that 1 minute after they lit up, they were approached by a security guard and in one case a manager. It looked like they were told they were going to have to leave the park as the guests looked mad. However, I think it is silly to think they didn't know. When walking into admissions area there is now a 3 foot blue line with the words "No Smoking" written on it. Security was also in the area informing guests of the policy. This is in additon to clearer smoking areas, flyers handed out to all cars, and all the other forms of information throughout the park. Props to Great America for cracking down on this.

  8. It was sad to see a lot of rides closed due to the winds. But what can you do? The park appeared to do everything they could to open whatever possible as SUF did end up opening in the afternoon.


    Raging Bull and Giant Drop did not open due to high winds and high winds only. Orbit, Yankee Clipper, and American Eagle Blue are both still down for maintenance and should be up soon. Any other ride in the park was open at least for some part of the day and closed due to the weather.


    One thing I would like to mention. Six Flags technically did not raise prices for any of the parking. In reality, they actually lowered preferred parking by $5. They merely expanded the preffered/season pass parking lot.

  9. What makes any of you think Six Flags is going to put in an Intamin coaster at this time? (Or Vekoma for that matter?)


    Intamin has not been on top of Shapiro's list, especially after Kentucky Kingdom's incident and other reliability issues as of late. Vekoma. Enough Said. When they came to "fix" DejaVu at Six Flags Great America, it was closed for the next three days after operating everyday for a few months. Shapiro will only be putting in products he knows are reliable and have acceptable capacity.


    Many signs point to a GCI(Reliable, maintainable, proven-product) which probably may or may not go where Psyclone was if the park doesn't want their customers to relate the two rides. The 48" minimum height requirement is a good clue IMO. Other signs point to one of Mack's coasters. (Reliable, maintainable, proven-products) Shapiro apparently was very impressed with his visit to Europa Park(Mack's playground) and I wouldnt't be surprised to see more products from them in the coming years if The Dark Knight's are any indication.

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