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  1. 3.5 days should definitely be plenty of time to experience the park, especially if you're staying in Breakers. Staying in Breakers means you will have early-entry access, and the park closes at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays in early August.
  2. I'm going to Kings Island with my boyfriend for the first time in my life next month (despite living close enough to have gone at least once by now) and my boyfriend bought FL+ passes. I've never understood the point of them unless you live far away and are only visiting the park for one day.
  3. Here is my petty little rant. Cedar Downs Racing Derby IS NOT a carousel. Yes, it has horses that spin in a circle, but it IS NOT a carousel! It is a thrill ride/racing derby simulator because the table spins at 14.5 miles per hour, the horses aren't stationary, and it is even listed on the Cedar Point website as a thrill ride. So whenever a parent tries to chastise me by saying "my toddler can't ride the carousel," it takes pretty much every fiber of my being to not scream at them to 1. Look at the signage at the entrance that says children must be 48" tall to ride, and 2. Take your toddler to the Kiddy Kingdom Carousel.
  4. Hi, peoples! I'm Vonnie. I've only ever been to three major theme parks in my life so far (Cedar Point, Universal Florida, and the defunct Six Flags Worlds of Adventure), but I want to visit sooo many more. For now, I am living my life as a ride operator at America's Rockin Roller Coast until I can figure out exactly what I want to do with my life. I was an elementary education major for 4.5 years- it took me until right before student teaching to go "crap, I don't want to do this with my life!" So... til I find out what I want to do, I'm just spending my time working.
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