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  1. I guess there's no possibility of a new coaster next year at this point? What a pity.
  2. After riding the back row on Shambhala several times in 37 Centigrade heat, I burped a couple times, and it tasted of vomit. This was over an hour after I'd eaten. I waited a few hours more to ride anything again and was fine. I was drinking a gallon of water a day, and sweating it all right back out. Barely ever had to go for a piss.
  3. I lost several hundred Dollars when I had to cancel my hotel room/day ticket/Scary Farm ticket/Fastlane Plus at Knotts in 2018. I can't remember how much I lost, but it was probably over 300 Dollars. No refund was possible.
  4. I'm in southern Italy which hasn't been hit nearly as hard, although my town has a couple of confirmed cases. I got back from the Cote d'Azure a day before the government announced a nationwide quarantine was in effect, and haven't left my house since. I at least have a courtyard where I can take some fresh air. It's so quiet... I was planning a big trip from CW to CP for June but luckily I haven't booked anything yet. I've lost fortunes in the past due to cancelled trips (cancer) and feel like I learned never to book early anymore. Our cat Brianne of Tarth had four kittens on the 6th. I've named them Corona, Quarantena, Monaco and Monte Carlo.
  5. If rumours are true, next year's project is another Intamin, this time a giga shuttle. I don't wanna post any links as I think it isn't allowed, but it looks like a crowd pleaser. Enthusiasts will almost certainly prefer Pantheon.
  6. Big One is only a back seat ride, and only for the insane "slamtime" going through the twist in the first drop. The rest of the ride is the world's most impressive sculpture. I didn't get the chance to ride it in the dark, due to the fireworks.
  7. Apologies if this has already been posted. New-Jersey-festival-ride-death First Mexico and now Jersey. This is an awful thing to happen to a ten year old. Thoughts to the family. Ironically Jersey has some of the strictest laws regarding restraints. We'll see what happened here but it doesn't increase my sketchy faith in carnival rides.
  8. I've been thinking about the Edmonton tragedy recently, then this goes and happens. RIP
  9. Assuming this gets built, when would be the best time to visit it? When do Saudis stay home and avoid places like this? I want the park to myself.
  10. If you've driven two hours to visit the park for the third time this season, fair play. If instead you've traveled halfway across the planet having saved and saved and saved for years to make the trip, then with all due respect, f**k the ride op's power trip and let me ride Raptor's back b*stard row already, thanks. This is exactly the sort of thing that would make me hesitate to visit the park.
  11. The four acres of landfill revealed to be coming is very exciting. It's more likely to serve a new hotel than a new ride(s) though. It does open up a lot of speculation.
  12. Shock at Rainbow Magicland. Not a bad ride, but capacity was poor as it was only running one or two, six seat cars. A solid family thrill ride, and sadly all this park has for thrills apart from its drop tower, Mystika.
  13. Can anybody shed light on Magnum's 30th anniversary merch please? T shirts and hoodies in particular, also jackets and coats. Thanks
  14. How is Thanksgiving week before Black Friday for crowds? I know schools are closed but the park shuts at 9 and night rides become a thing. What about mid September during the first week/weekend of Halloween events? Is it possible to ride pretty much every coaster at night that first 1am closing Saturday/11pm Sunday with a Flashpass both days (I think Saturday evening admission/Flashpasses are sold separately to day admission)?
  15. Is there a time of year where fog is more prevalent on the peninsula? I understand it isn't terribly common. Coming all the way from Italy, I'd feel like I've won the lottery (so long as all the coasters are running)...
  16. I nominate CP to buy the spinning ride on a stick and avenge the loss of Jumbo Jet.
  17. Florida is looking pretty lit for 2020! I presume Star Wars Land will be essentially open by then too...
  18. So this happened. I booked day tickets for Friday, September 21st and accidentally booked 2. Any non passholders who fancy going that day, PM me. I also booked the full hotel + scary farm/frightlane package, mercifully only for one. Wallet is screaming lol. Bring on late September! Will Ghostrider be back in action by then or is it down for the season?
  19. I'm visiting California for the first time in September. Thinking of hitting up Knott's on Friday the 21st or the following weekend, since the haunts are on and night rides are in. What tips can you guys give me for riding the coaster as many times as humanly possible? The hotel doesn't seem to give early entry, and Fast/Frightlane looks like it's on the cards, maybe. Is Xcelerator really that unreliable?
  20. I can see employee dorms helping the staffing situation somewhat. The park's a long way away from major cities.
  21. More likely a mechanical fault than a software one if the computer gave the All Clear. Defect in the cylinder allowed free-play whilst the sensor showed a locked bar maybe. It is very weird though as these rides are checked and cycled every morning.
  22. Yeah I think he's too busy asking his younger brother what the Hell he's doing marrying a two times divorcee, lol. Has Boomerang been spotted anywhere? Some remote train yard?
  23. Seems a shame to let that rockwork sign & sword go to waste... I wonder how much it'd be to disassemble, ship and reassemble it next to Wolverine Wildcat, throw up a new station and open that path up between north & south. Come on CF! Jeez
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