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  1. What up y'all any rumors on a possible reopening, or are we in California doomed until 2021?
  2. Yo whats up guys im a lurker but the recent coaster news has left me very excited for my home park! I'm expecting something great personally!
  3. Went to the park yesterday for the first timei n 3 months and it felt different for sure. The parking situation threw me off at first, since there is now preferred parking I had to park over by Tweety Bird. It was crazy hot, but thats normal. As far as lines go, same old same old. Had short wait times imo. Twisted C and Goliath were about 20-30 minutes, walked on Apocalypse. I saw the construction around the boardwalk and it looks so good, If Crazanity is truly the biggest one of its kind that thing is gonna tower over everything in that section of the park. It will really give that section of the park an insane feel. I imagine people waking by will stop to simply watch crazanity swinging back and forth. My question for anyone is, will the new ride swing back and forth towards superman parallel? Or will it swing across going over those carnival rides?
  4. Hey guys, Southern Californian here wondering the best time of year to go to SFOT. I hear great things about your park and really want to see it in person.
  5. Hey guys just created this account. Fellow thrill junky here. Little bit about myself, live in Southern California and love coasters. SFMM is my home park, and my favorite ride is X2 although TC has been changing my mind more and more I ride it! I'll be going to fright fest tomorrow, so maybe i'll be able to ride Twisted Colossus in the dark!
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