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  1. I'm not a complainer and I have LOVED SFOG since I was a kid. I also worked there as a teen so that's why I'm so passionate about this park. So what's wrong with Twisted Cyclone? It actually IS incomplete! The point that so many people are missing about ALL the complaints is an ENTIRE lap was omitted from the layout. Georgia Cyclone made 3 laps around the track but Twisted Cyclone only makes 2 laps! Several online comments state that the footprint of Georgia Cyclone was too small to make the ride longer but that's not true! Wooden roller coasters typically weave in and out through the wooden structure and double back over or underneath the previous lap so there's PLENTY of room in the footprint to add more track! That AWESOME first Cobra/Horseshoe roll element eats up some of the track length so the ride estimate of 2,400 feet is a little misleading. RMC has set a standard of utilizing ALL if not increasing the existing track length when they convert these coasters. Take a look at any video of Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England or The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and both of those coasters CLEARLY make 3 laps around the layout! So why was the ride length of Twisted Cyclone scaled back to 2 laps when the track length was already there? What makes the other parks more deserving of receiving the RMC standard than Six Flags Over Georgia? Who wants their home park to have what enthusiasts are already calling '...the weakest RMC in the Six Flags family?" Some coaster fans are complaining because we're disappointed!!! We've waited six years for a new roller coaster at SFOG while several other parks have gotten World-class winged, launched and 4D Free Spin coasters. The Six Flags Corporation FINALLY decides to RMC Georgia Cyclone and the result is a watered down version of what this ride should be! This wouldn't be as much of an issue if ALL the other RMCs in the Six Flags family weren't longer and flat out BETTER! One more element, like a zero G stall, would make Twisted Cyclone the TRUE "record-breaking" coaster that we were promised and it makes sense because the track length was already there! Of course, I'm happy that SFOG is getting an RMC and I'm definitely excited about riding it but I feel like it should have been TRUE to the original Georgia Cyclone layout and at least as good as the other Six Flags RMCs! Isn't Six Flags motto GO BIG? Well this time they should have GONE BIGGER!!!
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