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  1. I went on Saturday in July and the crowd was underwhelming in the dry park, Stormchaser was a walk on to a max 5 minute minute weight all day. I rode it 25times. The longest wait all day was 25 minuted midday for Lightning Run. T3 had a longer line all day than Stormchaser. The waterpark was busy and it was a low 80's day, not a scorcher that would overwhelmingly drive people to the waterpark. I think the park might be a little disappointed that Stormchaser isn't drawing lines and it's a darn good little RMC that should more than it did. So, they are wary of another coaster investment.
  2. ??? Railblazer themeing is way better with SR1. Railblazer has a better color scheme. Railblazer is not another recycled DC comics character named ride.
  3. That's been the pattern with all of these 6 flags conversions. They go cheap (not big) and shorten the rides. I would take Viper at Great America anytime over this conversion. The Cedar Fair conversions so far seem to be the full coasters. Were you in the boardroom when the decision was made to go with the final layout that was chosen? If not, how exactly are you so sure it was due to money? Twisted Timbers is a whopping 204 feet longer than Hurler. Steel Vengeance is 313 feet longer than Mean Streak. Yet somehow those are "the full coasters" (whatever than means?) but e
  4. Somehow I doubt New Jersey has a monopoly on frivolous lawsuits. Getting hit with a loose article that causes actual injury is not frivolous. The parks get sued but in fact the parks should make patrons liable if they have a policy of no loose articles on a ride. The main culprit of loose article violations is cell phones which could be solved by a state law making use of cell phones a crime, ie...Ohio. The patron is not only be prosecuted criminally for breaking the law, but liable of any injury the cause in violation of the law.
  5. Halloween events are waiting in lines worse than the worst summer day in the park just in colder weather. No thanks! Amusement parks have convinced people this is some great event, despite the fact it's not and thus extended the time they can extract money from people.
  6. There is more to do in the winter than ride coasters in 20 degree weather. April thru October is plenty. People need to diversify their hobbies.
  7. Season Flash pass should do okay at the parks that it makes sense to get FP b/c they are busy. The Flash sale prices were really cheap with all of them being $199 or less besides GAm and MM which were $299. I don't see there being a universal flash pass for logistic reasons. I actually inquired about an all park flash pass last year. What they should do is offer an all season Flash Pass Platinum like Cedar Fair offers all season Fast Lane Plus. Having to upgrade to platinum at the park would not be necessary and would be wise no to make people feel they are pulling their wallet out again e
  8. X2 requires paid storage. They have people watching to prevent people from trying to dump stuff on the side or hide it in the station.
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