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  1. So according to Amusement Insider's new video, there is a footer right outside of the service tunnel which basically all but erases the possibility of any B&M's which I am quite happy about.  1:50 is where the best angle to view this is.The tunnel is too narrow for four across seats plus having enough space for regular maitenance inside the tunnel.


    I'm assuming a launched Mack/Vekoma is coming our way... time will tell for where the station will be located between the theatre/Crystal Palace/SkyFlyer plot and hopefully it'll give Levi a run for its money.

  2. I'm hearing that since the owner died his wife took over and is looking to put a lot more investment into the park. Apparently the previous owner was very money conscious and never wanted to put money towards something that wasn't guaranteed to come back to him.


    I would love to see a Skyline ride come in the next couple of seasons, or even a RMC Raptor. Build a couple more flats and increase the kids section. The park has a decent skeleton, it just requires some major renovations and a couple standout rides from CW & Darien Lake.

  3. What is everyone's opinion on Rmcing Minebuster, but instead of making it a hybrid, they give it the Lightning Rod treatment.


    1) RMC has learned a lot from their prototype

    2) Minebuster is around the same length, so just make it a double launch and obviously taller

    3)It would be unique to the area and a first out and back double launched woodie

    4)It would make a great top 5 coaster

    5)Call it Northern Lights

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a thread this amazingly dead in the months leading up to a new 200+ foot coaster opening. Why isn't there more enthusiast hype for this ride? It looks great.



    What else is there to say without the park actually being opened that hasn't already been said?


    On top of that the only news we are getting in regards to Yukon Stryker has had a falling out with this forum.


    From what I can tell You, the wooden structure for a station is looking great and there seems to be 2-3 New food stands/shops being erected and the water tower looks beautiful.

    As far as people gushing over it I think will have to wait until opening day.

  5. Plus Geauga Lake is more of the anti-story of Michigan's Adventure.


    First it was just a decent local park with an okay attendance.


    In comes 6 Flags who purchases it and builds so many rides in a outright -has to constantly be high on drugs- amount of time to not be able to handle the attendance for shopping, eating, accesability and proper amount of bathrooms for guests.


    During said time on higher spirits, they've way out spent their money chain wide and on the brink of epic proportions of bankruptcy decide to sell off the park to CF


    CF seeing it as a way to lose competition and bring more attendance to both CP and KI decide to take a big chunk of their rides to other parks and slowly but surely turn it into a water park only resort.... and eventually raised it like you were bored on RCT.


    Not only does Michigan's Adventure not have the same story, it will never see the highest of highs and lowest of lows from which Geauga came from.

  6. Also looking at the natural beauty with multiple bodies of water that interact with rides, a forest like vibe that goes into Frontier Canada and both kids areas that makes you feel like you're not beside one of North America's busiest highways. All of the flowers that wow you when you enter the park is a nice addition too.


    As well as it being centred around a mountain that makes Magic Mountain blush!

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