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  1. Well I think it's safe to say that construction has finally started on SFOG newest addition for 2019, Pandemonium. I drove over to the old lickskillet entrance parking lot where the go-karts are located hoping something has started for the ride's construction and I can now confirm there is construction happening. The little building where Thomas' friends would be inside of in the back of whistlestop where the old Thomas Town train would travel around along the tracks is gone, and I think all or most of the train tracks is gone as well as I saw a bobcat machine in that area. So yes, Pandemonium is going in that area as I also saw signs that said "Construction Zone, Hard hats required." on the wood fence blocking the front entrance of whistlestop from the skybuckets.

  2. A well-deserved, perfect fit for SFOG. The theming and color are spot on, but I think they could've worked on a better name since there are 5 other SF parks (SFOT, SFFT, SFNE, SFSTL, SFGE) with rides having the name "Pandemonium". This is the name I made up which I think would've been more fitting because of its theming. "Clockwork Chaos" <-- Nothing special but that's what I come up with from my head. Overall, cannot wait for this ride.


  3. I went to the park today. I walked around the splash water falls area. I noticed it was closed again. It has been closed since June. The water guns have been detached and only one car was on the attraction. I wonder what is going on

    There is no doubt that there is a lot of mystery going around on that ride on its "potential" removal. Seeing as how SFOG has plenty of water rides to cool off in the summer, Log Jamboree, Thunder River, and DD Bucket Blasters which is enough for the park. I wouldn't be surprised if Splashwater Falls is gonna bite the dust soon. Or heck! maybe it will be themed to Aquaman like SFOT considering that ride is literally "next'" to DC Super Friends. Oh well, we will find out soon enough what the 2019 attraction will be for SFOG at the end of August. (please be a flat ride)

  4. A lot of interesting stuff happening at SFOG for the unknown upcoming 2019 attraction. (please be a flat ride) A lot of mystery over by Splashwater Falls, this ride hasn't been in operation for a while now leaving it to wonder if this is the next ride to go? It could also be possible that SFOG could expand toward the parking lot near the Deja Vu area behind Gotham because that area is "NEVER" used. (except for trolleys) And for that construction by the Goliath queue area, i'm thinking possibly a restaurant or maybe they are just renovating that area. Heck, maybe SFOG will surprise us all with a HH expansion. Oh well, we will find out soon enough in August.

  5. Any news of a soft opening of Twisted Cyclone for members or passholders? Thanks


    I'd like to know this too. One of the main reasons I decided to pull the trigger on a membership this year was because they advertised this as a perk. If they aren't going to do a soft opening for members, they really need to plan some other sort of event to make up for it. (Not just passholder previews for Fright Nights)


    Also, War Eagle.


    I called the park today to specifically ask about this and was told there WILL be a preview at the end of the week. She said watch the SFOG website for more details.


    I get the feeling the preview will have to be sometime on Friday since I think they're trying to have TS open to the public on



    I also found a cached link that has not been made public yet but looks Very interesting.



    Interesting, I remember SFOG doing a T-shirt preview for JL and then doing a season passholder preview for JL a few days after. But these soft opening dates for TC are getting confusing for me.

  6. ^I remember having a white Deja Vu T-Shirt. I have no idea what happened to it but I think my mom may still have hers stored in her attic. I'll ask her. LOL


    Is it something like this? If not then this is the only Deja Vu shirt I could find on the Internet. Not a very fancy shirt imo.

  7. ...SFOG does need a launch coaster, the thing is location, maybe a Premier rides Sky Rocket II could go in the Whistlestop/Deja Vu area?


    OMG!! Yes please!! A Premier Sky Rocket II would be a GREAT fit for the park!!!

    Yep! It is compact so I thought it would be a perfect addition considering the location it is in. But yet again, SFOG does need more flat rides so a Giant Discovery or a SkyWarp would be a great addition in that area too.

  8. Every time I go down into the Lickskillet area I get sad because I remember Deja Vu standing there next to the sky buckets. I still can't figure out why they would remove it after working so hard to get it running on a regular basis (Deja Vu ran DAILY in 2005, 2006, and 2007). If they put anything in that spot, I would hope that its a coaster with some type of launch. (thats really the only coaster type that SFOG is missing)

    I kinda wish they gave Deja Vu a second chance considering the GIB (Goliath) at New England works like a charm. It's location was special since when you walked down to Lickskillet you see this green/blue coaster with two massive vertical towers. I always imagined what it was like if Deja Vu was still here today. And yes, I agree on your point. SFOG does need a launch coaster, the thing is location, maybe a Premier rides Sky Rocket II could go in the Whistlestop/Deja Vu area?

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