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  1. Apparently I signed up for this site two years ago to the date. Um... happy anniversary to me?
  2. It's official! I will be visiting Batuu on Sunday, September 1st. It kinda sucks that my trip was set in stone to be Labor Day weekend, but at least I get Extra Magic Hours to visit the area earlier than most guests. Even if I don't ride Smuggler's Run, the fact that I even get to see the area in general has me stupid excited. Till the Spires!
  3. Oh God... that's a thing now? Did enthusiasts actually start reporting stuff on Tiktok? *shudder*
  4. I think it's just a testament to how amazing the main coasters of Europe are. I'd honestly have no trouble naming a ton that are on my bucket list that everyone seems to love, and that weren't even named here... Shambhala, Colossus, Nemesis, Balder, Goliath, Taron, Icon, Troy... good Lord, I need to travel more.
  5. ^ I second this. Did it last year during Not So Scary and it was just pure chaos. I love it.
  6. OMIGOD RACLETTE. I've seen so much of that stuff from Europa Park TRs, and I'm stoked to finally try it out. Food and Wine is my favorite time of the year so I'm just hyped about literally everything. Thanks for the report Robb!
  7. Wishful thinking, but if they rethemed Ride of Steel to The Flash it'd be the coolest thing ever. Just saying.
  8. ^ I really wanted to go to DragonCon just for Cruxshadows, but I'll be out of town for that whole weekend. Like, I'm not complaining, because I'll be at WDW, but still. Boo urns. Have a good time, Bert!
  9. Raptor has two Rs, and there's four highlighted here... 4 divided by 2 is 2... Dueling raptors. We did it.
  10. Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  11. I'm sorry, this is just funny. Better luck next time with that new credit, guys.
  12. Nope. And he's been banned because of it. The Madmax was strong with that dude.
  13. Give the general reception of the Skywarp at SFDK (which I honestly can't remember the name of oops), I'm not 100% sure if Six Flags is willing to work with them again. Of course, I could be completely wrong.
  14. I hate to double post, but I just got tickets for the Vampire Weekend show in two weeks and I'm beyond excited.
  15. ^ That's what I was thinking, but if what everyone's saying about the Gyrfalcon name is true, I guess it kinda makes sense. One thing's for sure, It'll really stand out in the park's skyline. Also, nice pun.
  16. I saw the announcement in my YouTube sub box this morning and I immediately thought "Oh God, this thread is gonna suuuuck today." In all seriousness, this thing looks amazing. The layout looks stupid good, the theme is really cool, and the color scheme is just stunning. This looks like a huge win for the park! I may head back to Columbus next year to check it out, but also because Columbus is an awesome city and I wanna go back.
  17. This looks awesome! I've always loved these giant slide complexes. A kiddie wave pool is a genius idea too.
  18. Bumping this thread because Galaxy's Edge opens at WDW at the end of the month, so my opinion is bound to change sooner or later.
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