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  1. Awesome report! The more I see of Knoebels the more I'm sold on it. And not just the rides, either- the food looks absolutely incredible. Every picture I see of their offerings is just straight up food porn.

    However, it turns out I wasn’t the issue. When the operator sped the ride back up, I noticed a dude in a Steel Vengeance t-shirt almost do a complete 180. It appears he didn’t take the hint. After the ride, the op called him aside. All I overheard was “I wasn’t whipping the sails, I was just snapping.”

    Most of the time I want to like the enthusiast community but this makes it hard to.

  2. I wonder if Six Flags will swoop in and try and purchase these rides... It is not out of the realm of possibility that they would buy these and put them in parks as NEW for 2021... I mean Six Flags over Georgia is getting a scrambler...


    I know that it isn't likely but it would be comical.

    I can only imagine the day that St. Louis finally gets their new coaster and it's a f**king Galaxi with the last row blocked off.

  3. I think my favorite part of the awards this year is that Steel Curtain placed higher than Yukon Striker for best coaster in 2019 but Yukon is ranked #34 and Steel Curtain is ranked #42.
    Probably says something that the official issue (and the presentation) lists Untamed under "Walibi Belgium"

    Man, if these aren't the signs that you've got a quality awards show, I just don't know what they are.

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