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  1. It is a family coaster with a low 42" minimum height. We love that our whole family can ride it together.
  2. They aren't doing as much festival specific foods for An Old Time Christmas and there is not Tasting Passport. This past Sunday, I was very impressed with how food lines were moving. We got in line at Wagon Works Grill just outside of the building and had our food within 10 minutes. Overall, the park seemed to be running very efficiently and had the best operations of year. Also, American Plunge and all other water rides are closed for the season.
  3. SDC still has their water rides (minus River Blast) listed as through October 30th. It looks like DW usually closed Daredevil Falls in mid-October and River Rampage was listed as through mid-October. So not normally as late as SDC. If we get a good cold snap for the last half of October, I could possibly see them changing the plan. We rode Mystic River Falls multiple times last October when it was in the low 50’s. No line!
  4. Yes! It is the best time of year to ride without a wait. We did it most evenings we were there last fall. To help with the cooler temps, we would also bring a change of clothes for the ride home.
  5. From looking through the fence and the view from FireFall, it does look like they are widening the pathway and possibly the area where it meets up with the main pathway. My first thought was that it couldn’t be too major since the wooded path would need to be reopened for the fall. I do wonder if we will see the previous Christmas tree return in the Plaza area this winter.
  6. The new date specific single day tickets do not require a reservation.
  7. They were limiting the number of shoppers in some shops. I had to wait outside of the new Clara Belle's Cinnamon Bread because the inside was at capacity. I didn't see lines outside of any other shops, but did notice signs outside of shops indication that social distancing is being observed and they may limit the number of people inside of the shop at a time.
  8. Yes, Mystic River Falls is replacing the previous raft ride; Lost River of the Ozarks.
  9. I'll be in the area on Sunday the 20th. What are lines usually like on Sunday evenings? Would 4-5 hours be enough time to do the major rides? Thank you for any information.
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