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  1. The parks 50 mile radius includes all of the Baltimore suburbs and south into northern Virginia/DC suburbs. There are plenty of middle and upper middle class people that live there. Those DC/North Virginia and Baltimore suburbs, are not low income. Then you can go out 75 miles or even a 100miles, which is where parks expect to be able to draw to 100 miles pretty comfortably.
  2. SF on paper looks like it could be a top park. SFA has 8+M population within 50 miles at 14M within100miles, They have 300 acres available for development, the only park with more is GAdv. There must be some studies, surveys, research they have done that major investments won't produce the ROI they want compared to other parks that have been getting a lot lately like OT, FT, GAm that all have got Justice Leagues, 4D's, RMC''s in the time SFA has gotten a couple of flats and relocated coaster almost 5 years ago.
  3. It's a great way to increase revenue and it has worked fine at other larger SF parks such as GAdv and MM. Combo regular and Combo gold pass would create a more tiered structure to the passes like SFMM. You have a 1 park pass, a 2 park regular pass for $45 more and 2 park gold for $20 more. That's the SFMM structure of $95, $140, $160. SFGAm could do a $75, $115, $135. Then offer even bigger discounts during flash sale($65, $100) with a regular 2 park pass gets a free upgrade to gold or something. So essentially try to sell a bunch of 2 park gold passes at around $100
  4. SF is back to superloops. Come on SF there are so many new looping rides and you're possibly putting in a 40 yr old ride technology. What a record? The biggest superloop. LOL!
  5. Can we not start with this? No one cares about this except whiny enthusiasts. Don't call a water slide a coaster and there is no discussion. It's a water coaster, not a water slide. A so called water coaster is just a water slide that you sit in a tube. Using the logic that these are coasters than flumes are coasters too. But, nobody calls flumes coasters b/c they aren't.
  6. Can we not start with this? No one cares about this except whiny enthusiasts. Don't call a water slide a coaster and there is no discussion.
  7. Hershey is claiming this as their 14th coaster. Come on this is not a real coaster and should not be in your coaster count. Don't pull the equivalent of SF calling superloops coasters.
  8. Well SF might not be done with superloops. There has been rumors of a La Ronde superloop and now today a SFGAm custom largest ever superloop. That would be hilarious if one of their teased records/firsts is the tallest superloop. Why not put the 9th and 10th superloops in the chain along with the 11th skyscreamer, and 2 more 4D's for good measure. Of course start the cloning of Skywarps b/c if they actually bought one, they will end up at many parks like superloops.
  9. Screamscape is reporting a Skywarp rumor. It would count as a world's first that GAdv teased on their website.
  10. Actually, it could be a reason not to be done by Spring Break. They open for full hours during the local schools break and it's packed already. The kids are going to come anyway for school break. If you don't open the coaster till school lets out for the year in May, they have an enticement to come back. They see the construction in March and think I want to come back to ride that unique looking coaster in a few months.
  11. The hotel/resort business has been pretty lucrative thus far for Cedar fair. All of the top 5 parks will likely eventually get hotel/resorts. The bundling with the discount package on tickets with hotel stay and early entry, makes it very appealing to no platinum pass visitors.
  12. What about dueling Raptors? That would solve most of the capacity issue making it 1200pph spec.
  13. Interview with Matt Ouimet with BNN about Canada's Wonderland about 3 weeks ago. Ouimet says, “Canada’s Wonderland is going to get something interesting coming up.” http://www.bnn.ca/canada-s-wonderland-poised-for-something-interesting-amid-hints-of-new-hotel-1.804930
  14. The rezoning is essentially approved already but not officially. The committe recommendation is approval with no need for a public hearing. http://ww.charmeck.org/Planning/Rezoning/2017/093-094/2017-093%20staff%20analysis.pdf Carowinds might make the hotel announcement with the 2018 announcements next week with long time frame of opening not till 2019.
  15. Carowinds hotel/resort seems to be all but confirmed it's coming in the near future. Public hearing was July 17th for a request for rezoning. The original zoning allowed a hotel/resort, restaurants,retail. The zone change would allow a theater. Cedar Fair getting into the theater business? I guess a theater would allow more off season revenue and could be frequented by hotel guests, probably at a discount price or even free.
  16. It's actually limited by the blocking, they could have a train loaded and ready and it still has to wait. That's all the moving floor will do is maybe allow minimum dispatch time. RMC set spec capacity at 600pph for 3 trains. Spec capacity is based on minimum dispatch time with the blocking as the limitation. RMC by setting 600pph is telling us 48 seconds is the minimum dispatch time.
  17. You do realize the load/unload is not going to be the limiting factor, it's the 8 passengers and blocking of the coaster. The dispatch times are going to be limited by blocking regardless of how fast they load 8 people. If the blocking allows 1 min per dispatch you only get to 480pph, if it allows 45 seconds you're still only at 720pph.
  18. The capacity is horrible regardless of 3 trains as blocking will limit this regardless of the continuous moving train. An absolute amazing dispatch time would be 1 min and in reality it will be 1 min 30(360/hr capacity) b/c that's what most coasters tun at. 1 min dispatch puts capacity at 480/hr. The fact is this was not meant for a big a park and SF didn't care. The lines for this will be a nightmare with the very poor capacity.
  19. If those events were making money they would keep them and or expand them. The ROI must be poor on staying open more days.
  20. Even with the State Fair prices, parking looks to still be cheaper than many major theme parks! Parking is dirt cheap by theme park standards.
  21. People overlooked it but Screamscape also is reporting today a rumor of La Ronde getting a superloop from their source. SF is adding a Raptor at SFFT,but they also may still be adding their clones like superloops, skyscreamers, etc..
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