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  1. ^Northwest Arkansas, one hour away from the Oklahoma stateline and 5 minutes from Missouri. Which means I'll be less than three hours away from Silver Dollar City!
  2. My brother worked Autopia at DL for a year and lost a lot of weight, and he's always been a little plump. From what he told me, there are some watch towers located sporadically around the track, but most of the monitoring happens by a few CMs running around the track. A CM has to be ready to jump in and take over the wheel in case a guest becomes too unruly or a child gets tired from pushing the heavy pedal. According to my brother, the latter happened often.
  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Here's a link to give everyone an idea where I'm heading. It sure beats what I'm leaving behind:
  4. My good deed for the day? I didn't flip off the many drivers that cut me off this morning, but we'll see if that changes on the commute home.
  5. Awesome update, Alveys! It's too bad about Myrtle Beach Pavillion. It really does look like a decent park. I gotta agree about that Giant Chicken... WTF?
  6. Let's see, it involved a hefty release of gas in a classroom full of arrogant, pretentious, over-achieving high school juniors.... You do the math.
  7. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but my life has been quite crazy lately. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am moving to Arkansas at the end of June due to a family situation. It's a huge change, considering I've never lived outside the Los Angeles area, but I'm all for something new. Plus it won't be too hard settling in since my mom's entire family is out there (yes, Mexicans truly are everywhere ). Anyway, wish me luck, everyone, and I hope to once again be an active member of these awesome boards.
  8. X-Men 3 There's only one way to describe this "last" stand.... F*** You, Fans: The Movie.
  9. 1. I hate playing any sport that ends in "ball" (baseball, basketball, etc.) but I love professional sports events. 2. So far I consider junior high the worst years of my life, high school the best and college a mixed bag. 3. I love running, but I haven't run in over two years due to a knee injury. 4. As much as I love coasters, a place like Six Flags always leaves me feeling cold and empty at the end of the day. I prefer to be immersed in various themed environments. 5. I'm currently living at home so I can pay off my students loans faster than if I was renting and living on my own.
  10. Aterciopelados and Enanitos Verdes at the Grove of Anaheim last night. Sold out show, but not as lively and upbeat as Ozomatli at Hollywood Park Friday night, which was also a smaller venue.
  11. US of A the Motherland (Mexico) Costa Rica El Salvador Puerto Rico Arkansas As far as states go: Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin.... um, that's about it for now.
  12. Have you ever hit that moment where you just don't feel motivated by your current job? Yeah, I think I hit that moment.
  13. I would get the Civic for the reliability record alone. You'll have the piece of mind that it will never break down, and if you get tired of it you can always trade it in or sell it for a healthy profit. After doing my homework, I decided to go with a 2005 Toyota Corrola and I've had no complaints yet (33 mpg, baby!). Both the Corrola and Civic are pretty comparable, with the Civic being a couple thousand dollars more. Good luck with your car hunting. I love my Sexy!
  14. Hey Alveys, do you two ever stay home? Great PTR, as always. That Batman looks amazing, it definitely puts our stateside clones to shame . Is it me, or does their Deja Vu clone look so much more intimidating than ours. Stunt Fall indeed! SFMM's Deja Vu.
  15. ^Zoolander was downright HILARIOUS!! I know a lot of people were disappointed, but I absolutely LOVED The Village. Maybe I'm just blindsighted, but I did not expect that twist.... that play on our fears to create a cloud of innocence was pure genious. People expected a horror movie, but what most didn't understand is that M. Night Shyamalan (?) creates dramas with horror elements, and in that respect I thought the movie worked so well.
  16. Wow, that "animal" is all kinds of wrong. Reminds me of a bad date gone horribly wrong.
  17. Worst experience at a park: Disneyland, May 26, 1995. It was the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and I had never experienced the park so packed. Lines for Indiana Jones Adventure were staking down Main Street since it had just opened earlier that Spring. My party and I ended up waiting over 3 hours to ride. Needless to say, that was the high point of the day. Shortly after, my siblings and I decided to ride Matterhorn. The adults stayed behind, saying they would meet up with us at the exit. When we show up at the exit we see no consenting adults. We circle the mountain three times and still no adults. We end spending the next four hours looking for them. We finally find them in Main Street, not far from where we had queued up for Indy earlier that day. The experience wouldn't have been so bad (what child hasn't lost his/her parents at a theme/amusement park?) had it not been for the unbelievably rude crowds. I saw the ugly side of people that day, pushing and shoving, insulting one another for the stupidest reasons. It was bad enough for three lost kids to be exposed to all that, but at DISNEYLAND?! And I thought this was supposed to be the "Happiest Place on Earth."
  18. From what I understand, everything (queue not included) about the DCA version was supposed to be an improvement over MGM. The faster load/unload, sharper effects during the ride experience, higher capacity due to a third shaft. I also heard that Imagineers have always been frustrated with the 5th-dimension room and that keeping the show in one shaft was something they were striving for. So, in essence, it should have been the premiere Tower experience. Personally, I don't see how these things were improvements if they ruined the overall effect of the ride. I do love how our Tower seems to hide behind the Backlot and suddenly appears out of nowhere. It's a different kind of creep factor, rather than overshadowing everything at the end of the street like MGM. Still, as much as I love our Tower, I can't help but feel there should be something more.
  19. Ugh, I'm getting sick again. Stupid sinuses!
  20. Hmmm.... I don't know what any of these terms mean, and I want to KEEP it that way. No Googling for me, thank you. Glad you're feeling better, Wally. I hope you've enjoyed corrupting the last ounce of innocence left on TPR.
  21. Like many others who have posted, I too loved Flashback. The trains were horrid, no doubt, but it was such a unique riding experience that I couldn't help but appreciate it. I never experienced head banging due to a head-positioning trick my cousin taught me before my first ride. For such a compact coaster, it definitely packed a punch. I continue to look forward to its return.
  22. Our airline overbooked our flight home on Monday, but since my family and I had reservations they had to compensate us for the cost of the ticket, including an additional $200. So it's official..... I'm going to Florida in October!
  23. ^Very bad mental picture! Good luck to you with this one, Wally. We're all waiting patiently for the end results..... we don't really want to see them, though.
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