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  1. This has been a sad year for me, as far as theme parks go. I went to DLR, Pacific Park, and....... oh, that's it :? . I plan to do Haunt at Knott's next month and, if my schedule permits (doubtful!) I may catch the SFMM meet this weekend.
  2. -Where do/did you go to college? Woodbury University in Burbank, California. Go... uh... oh, that's right. We don't have organized sports therefore no freakin' mascot! -What are/did you studying/study? I got a B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) in (what else?) Architecture. I am currently working for a firm in Santa Monica and am contemplating whether or not to pursue my Masters. -What made you go there? The Architecture program is one of the best (or so I'm told) in the country. However, if you're looking into the "college experience," DON'T go to Woodbury. My education in my field was top notch, I even interned for an internationally-known architect, but the rest of the school left much to be desired. As stated before, there are no sports, and I was very active in high school. I was looking forward to somewhat continuing my extracurricular activities in college, but Woodbury does not offer much in that department. I went from a high school that had so much pride and teacher/student involvement to a college that offers mediocrity at best. The Greek system is a joke, the administration doesn't care about its students, and even if they did, there is such a strong apathy among the student body that it really doesn't matter. I lived on-campus the first three years, and it was always a ghost town. Anyhoo, I've rambled on much too long. If you just want to go to class, get a degree and not get involved or have any sense of pride for your school, then go to Woodbury. If you're looking for the college experience, look somewhere else as there are other schools, even in SoCal, that offer Architecture.
  3. ^Oh Allison, you have no idea (or maybe you do). I've talked to her about it many times, and there is some progress for a few weeks, even months after. But then everything seems come back full circle. That's why I only see her every so often now.
  4. Dollywood Silver Dollar City Holiday World Knoebels Busch Gardens Williamsburg All Central Florida parks (except Sea World... bleh!) Tokyo Disney Resort Europa Park Tivoli Gardens Parc Asterisk Disneyland Paris.
  5. Here's my list, in no particular order: -Batman (SFMM) -Ghostrider (KBF) -Goliath (SFMM) -Montezooma's Revenge (KBF) -X (SFMM) -Tower of Terror (DLR) -Indiana Jones Adventure (DLR) -Timber Mountain Log Ride (KBF) -Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DLR) -Star Tours (DLR)
  6. -a pair of old Levi's jeans -Ozomatli t-shirt -Reef flip flops A. "I still can't believe I can wear this to work" G.
  7. Once again, my sister managed to really piss me off this weekend (seems to be an on-going cycle whenever she visits). What's worse is that I can't tell her anything, or else she'll break down in tears, lock herself in her apartment and not talk to anyone for days because she's a "horrible person." AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!
  8. Today I am happy because I am $1,300 less in debt.
  9. Hi, I am single and straight. I am 24 years old, 5'10" and 165 lbs. I like long, romantic walks along the midway and the rush of a good roller coaster .
  10. I just stumbled upon this and I have to say this is the best TR ever!! And yes, I have to agree with Elissa's mom, those clues are just horrible, but they definitely took everyone in different directions. So in that sense, they did do the trick. Props to all who were able to figure some things out, because I could never do it. Keep 'em coming, R & E.
  11. All boards I read just happen to be theme park-related. I don't feel the need to venture off into other boards because the boards I do read are so well-rounded. TPR, for example, covers EVERYTHING from sports, concerts, movies to birthdays, grocery store trips and having your wisdom teeth pulled. Other theme park boards I read just happen to cover religion, politics, cultures, traffic & weather, etc. etc. etc... along with their regularly scheduled programming .
  12. Last night, I had one of the worst night's sleep in my life. I woke up around 3:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. I sort of lay in bed, dosing off but not really. This morning I felt completely nauseated and have continued to feel so thus far.
  13. This is definitely some sad news. I am so sorry for your loss . I know this sounds painfully cliche, but don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened . RatTums will surely be remembered as one of the greatest rodents to ever live.
  14. I haven't been to SF in years, and that creepy old guy throwing himself all over the place didn't make me jump out of my seat and head toward the maingate. So in that sense, it was not successful.
  15. Does that make Robb and me Corolla brothers ? Anyway, I filled up my '05 model (at $2.74/gallon) for $27 last night.
  16. Mmmmmm, cake. As always, your random TRs never disappoint. BTW, your third cousin is so adorable. She reminds me of the Gerber baby.
  17. Here's my list. Enjoy! Linda Carter as Wonder Woman Helen Slater in her uber sexy Supergirl costume Mexican diva Lucia Mendez.......arrrrrrr Elizabeth Berkley in her "good girl" days Jennifer Connelly c. "The Rocketeer"
  18. If you are interested in a great movie that will completely rock your emotions and confuse you about who the hell the good/bad guys are, go see Crash.
  19. My 'puter is still down, which means as soon as I leave work tonight, I'm also leaving TPR until tomorrow morning .
  20. Wow, quite a few Capricorns in the mix. I guess we really are everywhere :shock:. But I, too, don't define personality by sign. My younger sister is a Gemini, and we are so alike it's scary. And my brother, who is also a Capricorn, couldn't be more different than me.
  21. WTF is wrong with LA traffic?! It took me over 2 hours to get to work this morning when I live less than 30 miles away!
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