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  1. I did not like the person I became this morning on my way to work. L.A. traffic really does bring out the worst in people.
  2. Since I haven't been on XLR8R at Knott's yet, my vote would have to go to Montezooma's Revenge. Such a simple layout, so short and yet so satisfying.
  3. The Exorcist is my favorite, by far . The Titanic one was also pretty funny, it sure beats sitting through 3+ hours of craptacular dialogue and mush.
  4. OMG, that is too funny ! I mean, most do make sense, but some are just bizarre. How often do you find yourself crossing a piranha-infested river or being abducted by aliens (well, if you live in SoCal, probably often). Thanks for posting, Erik. I needed that.
  5. Ahhh, great stuff, Craig. I have to admit you're quite the dancer. In high school I did a commercial about deoderant for my Economics class. However, it didn't have that professional polished look like this one did.
  6. ^What I loved the most about the back side of the park is that there was so much to do without feeling overcrowded. Everything somehow fit into place and flowed together. I didn't know what the Roaring 20's was all about as a kid, but I loved the fact that there was so much do to back there. It wasn't until I got to high school that I began to appreciate the theme. So it appealed to the younger guest because of the quantity and to the older guest because of the quality. Everything was somehow incorporated with the time era, even if it didn't make sense (Whirlpool and Kingdom of the Dinosaurs come to mind). When that area became the Boardwalk, that flow was lost. Everything seems like one big convoluted mess now, and it feels so cramped. And in the transition of the Boardwalk, a lot of the buildings were kept the same, so there was no real attempt to try and retheme everything correctly. Just my $.02.
  7. ^It's funny you mention that. My brother just spend the last 1.5 hours imitating that cry over the phone because his girlfriend finds it sexy :shock: .
  8. ^^As far as I'm concerned, Knott's charm is long gone. And we can't place all the blame on CF. The ripping out of Knott's history began with the family. I used to love the lake area joining Ghost Town and Fiesta Village. You had an unobstructed view of Monty and those awesome peek-ins of the missions. That area lost most of it's quaintness with the addition of Jaguar, and plopping down Silver Bullet over that area more than certified it's death. And don't get me started on the removal of the Soap Box Racers, Gasoline Alley, Beary Tales, and the rethemeing of the Roaring 20's area. All CF is doing is following suit with what the family began years before.
  9. 277th post, whatever that means Al "when did I pass 200?" Gonzalez
  10. Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) presented by Baz Luhrmann
  11. I agree. If anything, the company can't possibly get any worse. I have high hopes (emphasis on high) that things can only go up from here.
  12. World peace, but who am I kidding . A new laptop and a DL annual pass would be nice .
  13. I haven't been to either, but from what I've seen I think I may like BGW better. I've always been more theme-oriented that thrills, but one never knows. I may just be blown away by BGT .
  14. As a native SoCal-er, I've yet to see snow :shock: (yeah... I know). Lake Tahoe looks amazing. Glad you had a great time. I always enjoy unconventional holidays . And yes, Gavin is definitely a cutie. I can see who he gets his good looks from.
  15. When did Camp Snoopy drop the Knott's name? Great TR. I've heard nothing but great things about the log ride. I am also one who misses the Tumbler at Knott's in Cali.
  16. Just got finished reading your awesome PTR. BGT really does look like an amazing park. Can't wait to ride Sheikra one of these days.
  17. I'm gonna have to go with spiders as well. But I don't really despise them, I just prefer not to have them near me. If I find one in the house, I usually trap it and release it outside.
  18. I loved USH's E.T. It felt like a super-sized version of Disney's Peter Pan ride, which I find highly overrated. The wooded queue with the men in space suits and the creepy Elder alien was amazing, and flying over the city put the flight over London to shame, IMO. As far as all-time favorite dark ride, my vote goes to the Haunted Mansion (sorry, Pirates).
  19. 47/50 with a 28 mile average. Not bad, considering I haven't taken a geography course since the 10th grade .
  20. I've been obsessed with coasters, theme parks, dark rides, etc. all my life, but there have been times where I've stepped aside from it all. In college, I had no time to think about anything else but studio projects, essays, presentations, and so on. There were times when I found myself doodling a park map or sketching out a ride layout, but I probably have maybe 3 or 4 pages of sketches throughout college, as opposed to an entire 2-inch notebook that I managed to fill out in high school (my junior high notebook got ruined in a flood ). So as easy as it is to say "no way," I know how easy it also is for me get lost in reality. It isn't until several months have gone by that I realize, "Wow, I went that long without obsessing about coasters?" :shock:
  21. I found a bump under my left chest and decided to play it safe and see a doctor. The doctor said I need to have a mammogram :shock: . I didn't know men could get breast cancer :? .
  22. I just don't understand why they suddenly had the need to install OTSR. The coaster was fine just the way it was. I remember as recent as 1992 they still had lap bars and it was running great. It wasn't until 1995 that I noticed those evil restraints. How do they justify such an extreme decision? Why would they need to install OTSR on a coaster that hadn't needed them for almost 2 decades?
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