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  1. Some people feel very "entitled" over their season passes. I went to KD when Twisted Timbers opened and this woman was upset they were not running two trains during the passholder preview. She said "WE'RE PASSHOLDERS SURELY THEY KNOW THAT!" They also know that not running two trains on Twisted Timbers for one day while they were working their kinks out will likely have no effect on the $100 you probably already paid so....

  2. I honestly don't understand the usage of the word "rough" for any B&M except Stand Ups and that's because Stand Ups are flat out uncomfortable not even because they're "rough." Sure the train vibrates on some rides but you're in multiple ton train going along a track at 60 mph (or whatever). The train shaking a little bit ruins the experience for you? I'm usually just happy as hell I'm on a roller coaster and not in a cubicle.

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