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  1. I am also in favor of RMC Wildcat. If Hershey did that holy goodness would that be a collection of coasters. It's already fantastic even before Candymonium.
  2. It's definitely notable that they went with the Skyrush/I305 style track for this coaster. Makes me wonder how big it actually is.
  3. I would love a Spain hamlet so much with a nice larger wooden coaster at this point. Who would of thought that BGW would eventually have "more" launch coasters than Kings Dominion?
  4. I absolutely love Pittsburgh. Very underrated city. Shame I've been twice but have not been to Kennywood yet.....
  5. Looks like KD has a waterpark expansion in the works for next year. That's exciting definitely needed after Tornado was removed. (*ducks under table for inevitable irrational people complaining about Volcano not being replaced immediately*)
  6. I think SFA is definitely a perfectly "adequate" park with its ride lineup and they keep adding rides. If the Zamperla Giant Discovery comes next year as is rumored that will be awesome. They will have a semi-strong flat collection with that thrown in.
  7. “coming to Six Flags America in 2020 Worlds First planting of trees in the Gotham City section of Six Flags America! Get in the shade in 2020!”
  8. It's honestly shocking Six Flags had a 5.3% jump while Cedar Fair had a 0.7% increase. Wonder what would make up that discrepancy since they're all more regional parks in nature?
  9. Some people feel very "entitled" over their season passes. I went to KD when Twisted Timbers opened and this woman was upset they were not running two trains during the passholder preview. She said "WE'RE PASSHOLDERS SURELY THEY KNOW THAT!" They also know that not running two trains on Twisted Timbers for one day while they were working their kinks out will likely have no effect on the $100 you probably already paid so....
  10. Looks fun. I look forward to riding it whenever I make a trip to Toronto. I like how Canada's Wonderlands top 3 is basically "3 giant B&Ms" then there's like 50 crazy flats.
  11. ^Im not crazy into water parks but it would be hard to pass up a few hours in Splashin Safari with those water coasters.
  12. People just expect parks to build RMCs and Intamins all over the place full of ejector air versus literally anything else. The people who really want those particular exact type of rides is probably less than 1% of a parks annual attendance.
  13. I've always noted how easy it would be to cram Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and Kings Island into one trip since they're all relatively close to each other. That would be a great trip especially when I've never been to any of the three.
  14. ^But Coasterbill RMCs are much better than boring old coasters and what enthusiasts want is universally what parks go by for expansions! /s
  15. I honestly don't understand the usage of the word "rough" for any B&M except Stand Ups and that's because Stand Ups are flat out uncomfortable not even because they're "rough." Sure the train vibrates on some rides but you're in multiple ton train going along a track at 60 mph (or whatever). The train shaking a little bit ruins the experience for you? I'm usually just happy as hell I'm on a roller coaster and not in a cubicle.
  16. I've never considered Bill a "troll" ever. More of a voice of "reason/humorous logical sarcasm."
  17. ^some of the general public is terrified of roller coasters with only lap bars. I know somebody who rode I305 and loved it but flat out refused to ride Fury 325 because of the restraints.
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