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  1. ^ Where did you sit on The Voyage? Just like any wooden coaster with PTC trains, the even rows are quite a bit rougher than the odd rows. This seems especially bad in the very back row of The Voyage. I've also heard that it runs worse this time of year. My only visits to the park have been in the spring and I can re-ride it numerous times.


    I rode the front, back, and middle during my stay. That's what I thought that the ride is running worse into the season.

  2. I went to the park last weekend and expected the woodies to be rough but the Voyage especially was much rougher than I expected. Did I just get unlucky because it was almost unbearable to the point were the night ride was like a horror movie due to the rough turns. Never the less I still really enjoyed the park and the Voyage moved up in my ranking but not the point where people put it over Maverick and MF. Legend is also a really close second .

  3. This question has likely already been beaten to death on this thread but... any advice on getting the Platinum Flash Pass for this park on a Saturday in August versus the other two options? I'm going to this park this Saturday for the first time and had planned to get the Gold Flash Pass until I read something about how crazy busy this park gets in the summer. Any help on Flash Pass options and/or park navigation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!


    Superman gets packed right away due to it being right near the entrance. Then the Joker will probably get the second longest line for the entire day. Goliath usually has the third longest wait. If I were you I would hit up joker first thing in the morning, then Goliath and then do whatever. Raging Bull, Batman(both), and American Eagle usually have less than 30 minute lines due to their high capacities. Hit Superman towards the middle of the day there should be like a 40 min wait. Whizzer and most kiddie rides have longerish lines so be sure to check the app for good times. Also I would recommend to NOT buy any food in the park, right outside the park in the plaza there is a nice fastfood/restaurant called Mama K's which has cheapish food but its really good. For Flash pass I don't have much experience with so I can't recommend anything. Otherwise have a great time!

  4. Not sure if anybody noticed but the Intamin water coaster at the polish park Energylandia has been completed. I'm not sure if there is a pov or if it is running with people but it looks like they are done building and it is a complete circuit. Doesn't look to bad especially since my family lives 20 mins away from there.


    There are a few pictures of it are taken from a polish skyscraper forum which can be found here: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1557590&page=475




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