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  1. 11 hours ago, Vital808 said:

    Hey guys.... I moved to San Diego last year from Philly and thinking of hitting up Knott's for the first time this Sunday 1/30. Been checking the website and it has listed Xcelerator as closed for the last week+ but I thought it just opened back up after the repaint? Does anyone know if it has been open? Also, is MR still open or did they close it down again for the refurb?

    Thank you!

    Xcelerator is operating weekends only until a new part arrives,  supposedly this is to prevent another Hangtime situation.

  2. I see this as one of two options:


    1. A new dark ride or theater ride of some sort to replace Mystery Lodge.

    2. A new theme, overlay, or revamp of Voyage to the Iron Reef.


    I think they're both equally likely. Mystery Lodge closed earlier this year, which could be a sign. But given the 100th Anniversary celebration, re-theming Voyage to something like Bear-y Tales or Kingdom of the Dinosaurs to bring back a classic would be fitting as well. Exciting stuff!


    Don't forget the 'VR Showdown in Ghost Town attraction closed recently.

  3. Help!! It looks like GhostRider, Revolucion, and Calico Mine Train are closed on the weekdays during my visit, but are open on Saturday/Sunday. Is it worth switching a Wednesday at KBF to a Sat/Sun with much higher crowds? Here is the current itinerary:


    Mon: Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Tue: Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Wed: Knott's

    Thu: Disney California Adventure

    Fri: Disneyland

    Sat: Disney California Adventure

    Sun: Disneyland


    Quick correction, it's the Calico Railroad that will be closed and not the Calico Mine Train.

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