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  1. Oh maaan I wouldn’t care if it were themed to batboy if it’s a raptor. I’ve ridden a couple of freespins though and they felt like 2 totally different experiences. I found one not that great but the 2nd at Great Adventure was pretty decent! Either is a go for me!
  2. Another fan from IG confirmed today that Axis Arena is being demolished so that’s really a game changer! So definitely likely looking at a Gotham City addition
  3. I’m glad Scorcher is finally getting some attention! I wonder why some parts are gray and some white? I know it was said possibly primer but I would think the gray is primer. What if it is white with differ color supports! That would really look nice!
  4. Any word on Scorcher? Has anyone been able to ride by the park to see if any paint prep work or anything is going on with it?
  5. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone but they are certainly welcome to remove it
  6. Scorcher is one of the most smoother of the stand ups I’ve ridden but it too has gotten a bit tougher over time. I don’t think it would be a bad floorless conversion and would probably be the best out of the ones that have been converted. My sincere hope however is that it gets a new paint job soon!
  7. First of all, I think it was clear where I stated the rumor was from. I didn’t create the rumor “Billy.” If you were to thoroughly do your research then you’d know that SFOG did have a power grid issue which is why they could not add a power launched coaster. It’s really sad when you try to share something positive with other “enthusiasts” it has to be dumb. You sound like the typical GP. I don’t recall personally asking for your opinion. Are you that bored you have nothing better to do? I’m sure your life is not that intense. Please find someone else to play with.
  8. Weird enough, Screamscape has received interesting info that the park has responded well to twisted cyclone this summer and that the park is looking at adding a coaster in both 2020 and 2021!!! What in the Uber heck?! Sources tell them that we could be looking at an S&S free spin near Superman and a possible launched coaster from S&S or Premier (comparison was to Maxx Force coming to SFGA)! If all signs point to yes I wonder how they will get past the whole SFOG not being able to support a launched coaster due to power related issues or whatever have you? Interesting.....
  9. For anybody that would like to see, youtuber Ohio Valley Caoasters caught the black train testing on Twisted Cyclone in the link below. This thing really looks like it's hauling! It flew through the wave turn! It definitely seems to be gaining more speed! I wonder if they tested it with the "different" wheels or if that is just really a result of GA heat? Lol
  10. I agree even up into the side bank into the brake run! It looks like it's going to actually yank riders through the course! Awesome job Alan! Coaster addict has also posted it on YouTube. See the hd version here (skip to 1:28-2:12) :
  11. Good point! I was really hoping they save that spot for a 12th coaster and put the swinging pendulum somewhere different. Maybe they will finally tear down the axis arena and put a riddlers revenge there or use that spot for a new coaster!
  12. Seriously?!?! That sucks I'll just have to get a gold for everything else and wait for that one! That's absurd!
  13. Well guys it's official. If it's not already completed they are working on installing the last piece of track for TC! Despite not having a 3rd lap, it looks like a great ride and the last airtime hill before going up to the brake run looks wicked. The elements are certainly there for it to be a great ride and not be at the bottom of the pack. Check out this fantastic video from coaster addict! #mostbeautifulcoasterof2018#lengthisnoteverything#super-excited
  14. I couldn't agree more! I see a lot of both floater and ejector in our future!
  15. Weirdly I agree! Lol. It's certainly more photogenic and beautiful than its big sister for sure. Has anyone been able to get any updated pictures on the side where the zero-g roll is?
  16. I agree! Looks like it's going to have some true head hopping moments too!
  17. Exactly my thoughts. That's why I think elements like the wave turn and the zero-G stall to be some of RMC's more innovative elements. They were unlike anything else out there. I think the wave turn will certainly be awesome!!!!
  18. Awesome video!!! If you go to about the 33 minute mark, you will actually hear Someone asking Gene (communications manager) about the additional feet added to TC. You can hear him say in the background that more turns were added to the ride....
  19. Let me first start off by saying how beautiful and photogenic Twisted Cyclone is. I really don't think the layout will change much though. Even in the winter warm up videos on YouTube that have been posted, the communications manager still advertises it with only 10 airtime moments which it has always been. I can't see a third lap with no additional airtime hills unless some type of giant helix is being added. I know with its sister Wicked Cyclone a few of the hills were changed to outerbanked airtime hills but that was about it. I have noticed in some of the construction videos for TC where some of the ledgers just before the start of the lift hill tilts right side up, which appears to be an extra little hump in comparison to the animation. Either way I'm absolutely psyched for this ride and the new Coastal section as a whole!! As far as Scorcher, I say a few of us get together while the park is closed, bring a couple of paint sprayers, and give SF a lending hand. It looks absolutely gruesome now!
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